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Baby Abandoned in Theater Finds Answers 60 Years Later

Thanks to Facebook and DNA evidence

(Newser) - Robert Weston first made headlines at just three weeks of age, when he was found abandoned in a movie theater bathroom in England in March 1956—left in expensive clothes, nestled in blankets, and with his head propped on a cushion. He's now in the news again, this time... More »

Teacher, Student Find Out They're Sisters

Both adopted, they lived only 20 miles apart for years

(Newser) - Diane DiProspero Cook always considered Karen Cometa-Zempel to be her favorite teacher from New York's Bryant and Stratton College, where she was a student in 1985. Thirty years later, it makes a lot of sense why. Adopted as an infant, DiProspero Cook recently became interested in her biological family... More »

Man Finds Letter Wife Hid, Discovers Long-Lost Son

81-year-old says he doesn't know why his deceased wife kept letter a secret

(Newser) - An elderly man who's wanted kids his whole life just learned that he's had one—for 61 years. Tony Trapani and his wife tried for years to have their own children, and when he was cleaning out her filing cabinets after her recent death, he discovered a bombshell... More »

Long-Lost Siblings Meet, Already Knew Each Other

They'd seen each other for years at Walmart

(Newser) - Buddine Bullinger, 56, has worked at the Walmart in Dickinson, ND, for 25 years—and for many of those years she greeted John Maixner as he came in to shop, never suspecting Maixner was her brother. Bullinger and four siblings of various ages were all given up for adoption at... More »

Sisters, 68 and 75, Meet for First Time

Judy Bottomley hunted for birth family for decades

(Newser) - Rita Betush was just 10 years old when she found out she had an older sister who had been given up for adoption as a baby—in 1939. Yesterday, they met for the first time, a heartwarming story described in the Arizona Republic . Judy Bottomley grew up knowing she was... More »

5 Stories