Mikhail Pakhomov

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Russian Politician Found in Cement Barrel Owed $80M

Yevgeny Kharitonov thought to be behind murder of Mikhail Pakhomov

(Newser) - The Russian politician who was found dead in a cement barrel Sunday was in debt—to the tune of $80 million. Police say Mikhail Pakhomov, 36, was tortured and killed over the outstanding loan, the New York Times reports. In addition to being a city legislator, Pakhomov was also the... More »

Missing Russian Politician Found in Barrel of Cement

Ruling party member Mikhail Pakhomov said to have been killed over debts

(Newser) - Nearly a week after he was declared missing, a Russian lawmaker's body has turned up near Moscow—in an unidentified person's garage, squeezed into a barrel of cement. Mikhail Pakhomov, of the ruling United Russia party, was a member of the Lipetsk city parliament. "The nature of... More »

2 Stories