Unit 61398

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What China's 'Unit 61398' Allegedly Stole

US is 'China's biggest cyberattacker,' Beijing says in retaliation

(Newser) - Eric Holder described the cybercrimes charges against five Chinese military officers as a "wake-up call" and China is certainly paying attention: Government officials have summoned the US ambassador in Beijing, suspended a cybersecurity agreement made with the US last month, and denounced the charges as an "absurd" move... More »

At Heart of Vast US Hacking Campaign: China Army

Report tracks prolific attacks to army's Unit 61398

(Newser) - A Shanghai-based unit of China's People's Liberation Army has liberated vast amounts of data from the US and other countries in a huge cyber-spying effort over the last seven years, according to a report from computer security firm Mandiant. PLA Unit 61398—known to some victims as the... More »

2 Stories