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Tiger That Terrorized India Has Been Killed

T1, or Avni, was killed by famous hunter's son; animal rights advocates are livid

(Newser) - The man-eating tiger that's been on the loose in India is no more. The Guardian reports that T1 (aka Avni), suspected of killing more than a dozen victims in a two-year span, was shot dead Friday in the state of Maharashtra. The supposed sharpshooter who took T1 down: Asghar... More »

'Mountain Came Down': Village Vanished in Mudslide

30 dead, 100 missing as Indian rescuers comb through mud

(Newser) - More than 24 hours after yesterday's landslide in western India, authorities said the chances of survival were slim for anyone still trapped under the mud. The mudslide in Malin—a village of some 700 people about 95 miles southeast of Mumbai—has killed at least 30 people and left... More »

Rape and Killing of 3 Young Sisters Shocks India

Police initially called deaths 'accidental,' leading to protests

(Newser) - Once again , rape and murder has India outraged—this time the killing of three young sisters, aged 7, 9, and 11, reports the Guardian (the AP corrects the age of the youngest girl). The three girls, who lived in a remote central India village in Maharashtra province, went missing... More »

3 Stories