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Apple Puts Brakes on iPhone 5C Production

Apple cuts orders on lower-cost option

(Newser) - Apple is telling its suppliers to scale back production on the iPhone 5C, the lower-cost iPhone model that's been criticized from day one for being too expensive. Apple's two Taiwanese assemblers were told that fourth-quarter orders would be cut, by about 20% for the larger of the two,... More »

iPhone 5S, 5C Sales Smash Record

Customers buy 9M on first weekend

(Newser) - Apple's new iPhones went on sale this weekend, and it seems customers were plenty ready: They picked up more than 9 million units of the 5S and 5C, a record for the first weekend of sales, the company notes. "This is our best iPhone launch yet," CEO... More »

Scheme to Pay Homeless to Buy iPhones Misfires

When his plan unravels, police have to get businessman out safely

(Newser) - The long line snaking outside the Apple store in Pasadena yesterday sure looked impressive, but it turns out that dozens of the supposed Apple devotees were actually homeless people hired to buy new iPhones for an enterprising businessman, reports USA Today . It might have worked, too, had the businessman not... More »

Franken Worried About iPhone's Fingerprint Scanner

Writes open letter to Apple asking for answers

(Newser) - The new iPhone 5S that hit the market today has a fingerprint scanner designed to replace the conventional password system, and that scares the bejeezus out of Sen. Al Franken. In an open letter to Apple's Tim Cook, the Minnesota senator asks for more information about the security of... More »

Microsoft Yanks Ads Mocking New iPhones

Only lasted a few hours online due to backlash

(Newser) - Microsoft launched a series of online ads mocking Apple's new iPhones yesterday ... only to take them down a few hours later. The ads, titled "A fly on the wall in Cupertino?" featured send-ups of meetings between Apple staff and execs ("Remember the thing about how we were... More »

Apple Held an Event, Tech World Snoozed

Rice & Co. didn't deliver a cheap phone, or anything new enough

(Newser) - Apple's big iPhone unveiling yesterday—in which it replaced the iPhone 5 with the similar 5S and cheaper, multicolored 5C—has pundits yawning and investors selling. Here's how people are reacting:
  • The biggest problem is that "Apple failed to feed the insatiable consumer appetite for the new,
... More »

New iPhone 'Beautifully, Unapologetically Plastic'

Apple officially unveils iphones 5S, 5C, and more

(Newser) - Apple is hoping its new, cheaper iPhone can make plastic cool. As expected , Apple unveiled two new iterations on its popular smartphone today, the premium 5S, and the budget-friendly 5C. "The iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic," designer Jonathan Ive said, according to the Washington Post . Here's... More »

Apple's Big Announcement: What Is—and Isn't—Coming

Expect 2 new iPhones at today's event

(Newser) - Apple's "special event" is today at 1pm Eastern, so tech blogs are, of course, overflowing with predictions. What can you expect? Here's what 9to5mac and the Verge have to say:
  • iPhone 5S: That's what most people are calling the new iPhone that is sure to debut.
... More »

Obama's Syria Push Jockeys With NFL, New iPhone

Congress leans toward no as Obama fights for attention

(Newser) - As a critical week in his presidency opens, President Obama is facing a big struggle not just for support on Syria but for the nation's attention, Politico finds. He'll make his case with interviews on six TV news shows today, where he'll be competing with the opening... More »

Next-Gen iPads Could Arrive in April

And iPhone 5S is set for an August debut: report

(Newser) - Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 5S this summer, probably in August, while the next batch of iPads—likely the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2—could be here next month, sources are telling iMore . So what can we expect from the new gadgets? Well, the iPhone 5S... More »

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