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His Zombie Books Were a Hit, but Now His Publisher Is Suing

Hachette claims Seth Grahame-Smith's follow-up novel isn't up to snuff

(Newser) - When Seth Grahame-Smith published the hit novel Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with Hachette Book Group in 2009, which sold more than 2 million copies and was translated into more than 20 languages, he was largely credited with "unleashing" zombie mashups on the world, as the Guardian reports. But... More »

Are You the Heir of This Mystery Crime Author?

Publisher saving royalties for Clifton Robbins' relatives

(Newser) - If only the detective from Clifton Robbins' crime novels could hop off the page and give his new publisher a hand. Scott Pack of Canelo imprint Abandoned Bookshop has been searching high and low for Robbins' relatives after discovering the novelist's 80-year-old works and deciding to publish two as... More »

Mein Kampf Proceeds Will Go to Holocaust Survivors

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt says all funds will go to Boston-based group that helps survivors

(Newser) - Boston-based publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has decided to donate proceeds from Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler's infamous manifesto, to a local organization that works with aging Holocaust survivors, the AP reports. The move comes after HMH was criticized by Jewish advocates for its plans to donate proceeds and royalties from... More »

Now Amazon Is Picking Fight With Captain America

Disney films can't be preordered

(Newser) - Add another major firm to Amazon's list of enemies: As the retailer's battle with publisher Hachette continues, it's also taking action against Disney, the Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon has stopped offering preorders of DVDs and Blu-rays of movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Maleficent,... More »

Former Times Publisher Sulzberger Dead at 86

Arthur O. ran paper for more than 30 years

(Newser) - Former New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger has died at age 86, and the Times has a lengthy obituary here about the man it says "transformed" the paper his grandfather bought in 1896. Sulzberger took over in 1964 and ran the newspaper for more than three decades, emphasizing... More »

Alice Walker Blocks Israeli Edition of Color Purple

Author accuses Israel of persecuting Palestinians

(Newser) - Alice Walker is prohibiting an Israeli publisher from printing a new Hebrew-translated edition of her classic novel The Color People because, says Walker, "Israel is guilty of apartheid and persecution of the Palestinian people." Walker has been a vocal critic of Israeli policies, reports the Los Angeles Times ... More »

Barney Rosset, Censorship-Fighting Publisher, Dies

Grove Press founder championed Beat poets, Samuel Beckett, erotica

(Newser) - Barney Rosset, founder of the envelope-pushing, censorship-defying Grove Press, died at age 89 on Tuesday after a double-heart-valve replacement, the New York Times reports. The irascible Rosset once described his press as "a breach in the dam of American Puritanism," and it lived up to that name, publishing... More »

JK Rowling Lands Deal for New Adult Book

It will be 'very different' than Harry Potter

(Newser) - JK Rowling is back, but if you're hoping for more adventures starring a certain boy wizard—or anything along the lines of those books—you're out of luck. Little, Brown and Company announced today that it had acquired the rights to publish a new book by Rowling, but... More »

Publisher Drops 'Fake' Hiroshima History

Veterans irked as James Cameron stands by author

(Newser) - The publisher of Last Train to Hiroshima has stopped shipping the book after it emerged that at least one of the author's sources had invented his story. Joseph Fuoco, who died in 2008, claimed to have been a last-minute replacement on board the Enola Gay on its bombing mission but... More »

McGraw-Hill's New Lesson: Don't Cross Steve Jobs

Publisher on the outs after CEO leaks news on TV

(Newser) - McGraw-Hill has been in the publishing biz for more than a century, but it got schooled in a modern business lesson yesterday: Beware the wrath of Steve Jobs. In his big iPad announcement, Jobs showed a slide of the publishers working with Apple on the new gizmo, but it had... More »

French Court to Google: Stop Scanning

Search giant must also pony up damages to publisher, industry

(Newser) - Beleaguered publishers won one against Google today as a French judge ordered the company to immediately stop scanning French books. The court sided with French publisher La Martiniere and other industry groups, who claimed in a lawsuit that the search giant’s book-scanning project violates copyrights. The company must also... More »

Palin's Book Retainer: $1.25M

'Going Rogue' goes on sale next month

(Newser) - Harper Collins paid $1.25 million to Sarah Palin as a retainer for her upcoming memoir. Given the early buzz on pre-orders, she'll likely pull in more once Going Rogue goes on sale next month. Financial disclosure reports from her final 7 months as governor also note that Palin took... More »

New 'Vooks' Sex Up Books With Video Clips

Video-text hybrids seen as way to keep 21st-century readers interested in books

(Newser) - Publishers are scrambling to attract readers weaned on video games and social networking by jazzing up a format little-changed since Gutenberg started churning out Bibles in the 15th century. "Vooks" add video segments, either embedded in the text or available online, to electronic books. The hybrids are being created... More »

Freed Journo Ling Shops Book With Sister

Book to explore issues of sisterhood, journalism

(Newser) - That was quick: One of the journalists imprisoned in North Korea and freed earlier this month is shopping a book proposal, the Wall Street Journal reports. Laura Ling’s book will be written in collaboration with her sister, Lisa, and proposes to deal not only with Laura's detention but... More »

How the Kindle Could Kill Book Publishing

...if an Apple e-reader doesn't kill the Kindle first

(Newser) - With the Kindle, Amazon's Jeff Bezos may be poised “ to do to book publishers what Steve Jobs did to the music industry,” writes Adam Penenberg in Fast Company: rapidly create a market from nothing and use it to rule over publishers with an iron fist, perhaps even “... More »

Nashville Becomes 'Silicon Valley of Music Business'

(Newser) - Nashville really is Music City, Richard Florida writes in the Atlantic. Charting the demographics of the music industry from 1970 to 2004, Florida found that “Nashville was the only city that registered positive growth. In effect, it sucked up all the growth in the music industry.” It’s... More »

Hard Times Send Books Straight to Paperback

Cheaper books lose 'second-best' reputation

(Newser) - With customers watching their wallets, publishers are pinning their hopes this year on trade paperback books—not super-cheap mass-market paperbacks, but not hardcovers either, USA Today reports. And critics and authors who once disdained the format are warming to it. “I realized that I really want as many people... More »

Publishing Vet James Brady Dead at 80

Storied career included helming New York , Harper's Bazaar

(Newser) - James Brady, a veteran of numerous publications who rose from business reporting to become the editor of New York and Harper’s Bazaar, has died. He was 80. Brady is credited with founding two long-lived New York gossip standbys, the New York Post’s Page Six and New York magazine’... More »

Fake Holocaust Memoir May See Light as Novel

Henry Rosenblatt working to find outlet for disgraced story

(Newser) - Herman Rosenblat’s Holocaust memoir was exposed as fake, but that doesn’t mean no one can profit off it: A small New York press is considering publishing the work as fiction, Gawker reports. Rosenblat, who even fooled Oprah a la James Frey, spun a touching but debunked story about... More »

Publisher Yanks Kid Spinoff of Holocaust Fake

Refunds offered for picture book based on hoax love story

(Newser) - Publishers are now pulling a picture book inspired by a Holocaust love story revealed to be a fake, Publishers Weekly reports. Lerner Publishing has announced it will cancel reprints of Angel Girl and offer refunds for returned copies. Herman Rosenblat's memoir Angel on the Fence was canceled by another publisher... More »

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