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Tom Coburn Doesn't Believe in the Debt Ceiling

Says threat of default is a 'rumor'

(Newser) - Sen. Tom Coburn says the US won't default on its debt if the debt ceiling isn't raised, because ... the debt ceiling doesn't exist. On CBS This Morning , the Oklahoma Republican dismissed the default as a "rumor" perpetrated by the media:
  • "The debt ceiling and the
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Obama to Host White House Shutdown Summit

Meanwhile, he's also meeting with business leaders

(Newser) - With Congress apparently not even trying to negotiate an end to the government shutdown, President Obama has invited John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Mitch McConnell to a White House meeting this afternoon, the New York Times reports. But from the sound of it, Obama doesn't have a... More »

Senate Torpedoes House Bid to Defund ObamaCare

Ball back in Boehner's court

(Newser) - The Senate has voted 54 to 46 to reject House amendments to the continuing resolution—including the one that would delay ObamaCare. The vote split evenly along party lines, and increases the odds of a government shutdown, the Washington Post reports. As Slate points out, this is the second time... More »

It's Shutdown Week, and Nobody Trusts Anybody

Your guide to the next round in Washington's endless fiscal wars

(Newser) - Washington has eight days left before the continuing resolution funding the government runs out, and this latest round of brinksmanship might be the worst yet, for a simple reason: None of the major players like or trust each other anymore, the Hill observes. Here are the relationships at play:
  • President
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Boehner: Fund Government, Defund ObamaCare

Says House will vote on it; debt ceiling being drawn into drama as well

(Newser) - House Republicans have decided to make their latest game of political chicken all about ObamaCare. In a move Tea Party activists have been clamoring for, John Boehner told his caucus today that they would pass a bill to keep the government funded—but that it would defund ObamaCare. Eric Cantor... More »

Obama Signs Stopgap Bill, Averts Shutdown

Still hopes for budget deal, Jay Carney says

(Newser) - Yet another government shutdown has been averted. President Obama yesterday signed the continuing resolution to keep the government funded until Sept. 30, the last day of the fiscal year, The Hill reports. The bill includes sequester-related spending cuts, but White House press secretary Jay Carney said that shouldn't be... More »

Senate OKs Bill to Keep Government Running

But those White House tours are still a no-go

(Newser) - The Senate approved legislation today to lock in $85 billion in broad federal spending cuts and simultaneously avoid a government shutdown next week. If the House goes along, as expected, that means the across-the-board cuts set in motion by a failed earlier deficit-cutting effort and vigorously decried by President Obama... More »

Senate Dems Blow Off Obama's Budget Wish List

Leadership struggling to pass spending bill

(Newser) - As they rush to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government, one might imagine that Senate Democrats would heed President Obama's requests for funds for health care or Wall Street reform, but that's not exactly the case. Republicans didn't include those things in the House budget,... More »

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