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We've Just Entered the World of Mutant Ants

Scientists for the first time alter their behavior by manipulating genes

(Newser) - Scientists have successfully altered a major behavior of two species of lab ants by deleting a single gene. As the Washington Post reports, the journal Cell has just published two papers chronicling the journeys of the first so-called mutant ants. One team reports on how one mutation removed a key... More »

Treasure Hunter Seeks $1B in Gold From Sunken Ship

Lord Clive wreck off Uruguay will be raised next month

(Newser) - When the British warship Lord Clive was blasted by Spanish cannon fire just off the coast of Uruguay in 1763, about 270 crew members went down with the ship. Now a treasure hunter from Argentina hopes it's also still home to more than $1 billion in gold coins, reports... More »

Coming Soon: Floating Colony for Silicon Valley Start-Ups?

Project would welcome foreign entrepreneurs onto offshore cruise ship

(Newser) - Silicon Valley can be a tough place for foreign tech entrepreneurs to put down roots—so some local businessmen are suggesting they float instead. Max Marty and Dario Mutabdzija intend to set up a floating colony, in the form of a cruise ship 12 miles offshore in international waters. The... More »

3 Stories