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Detroit: We Need $850M to Tear Down 40K Houses

Major report on city blight carries a big price tag

(Newser) - Just how bad is Detroit's blight? It took a major task force 331 pages to summarize the problem and recommend solutions, but that's hardly the most jaw-dropping number involved. The panel says the city needs $850 million to tear down 40,000 mostly residential properties over the next... More »

Pension Cuts, Blight Fixes Highlight Detroit Plan

Some retirees face cuts of up to 34%

(Newser) - So how does a city $18 billion in debt go about ending the biggest municipal bankruptcy in US history? Detroit's emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, offered the broad strokes of the city's "adjustment plan" today:
  • Pension cuts: General city retirees face cuts of up to 34%, while police
... More »

Detroit Mayor: We'll 'Have to Make the Best of It'

After city files for Chapter 9 bankruptcy

(Newser) - The emergency manager who filed Detroit's historic bankruptcy today says residents don't have to worry about basic services getting cut in the interim, reports WXYZ . "Nothing changes from the standpoint of the average citizen's perspective," says Kevyn Orr. At a joint news conference, Mayor Dave... More »

Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

It's the biggest municipal filing in the nation's history

(Newser) - Detroit just entered the record books for all the wrong reasons. The city's emergency manager today filed what is the biggest municipal bankruptcy in the nation's history, reports the Detroit Free Press . The city is seeking Chapter 9 protection from creditors owed about $18.5 billion. (The exact... More »

Detroit Officials Take $22K Taxpayer-Funded Hawaii Trip

Pension trustees attend conference at resort with public money

(Newser) - Detroit is $15 billion in debt, but that hasn't stopped some officials from visiting a resort in Hawaii on the public dime. Four city public pension fund trustees used $22,000 of retirement system funds to attend a conference at a four-star resort in Honolulu this week, reports Reuters... More »

Detroit in Completely Awful Shape: New Report

Emergency manager paints bleak picture

(Newser) - Detroit is broke and faces a bleak future given the precarious financial path it's on, according to a new report out by the city's state-appointed emergency manager , bankruptcy attorney Kevyn Orr. The report, released last night, is his first on Detroit's finances since officially taking the job... More »

'It's a Sad Day': Detroit Gets Emergency Manager

Kevyn Orr thinks he can turn city around in 6 months

(Newser) - A DC bankruptcy lawyer now has more say over Detroit's future than its mayor or city council. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder today named Kevyn Orr as the city's emergency manager, following up on his unprecedented move to put the city's finances under state control , reports the Detroit ... More »

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