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'Miracle on Ice' Goalie Hawking His Gold Medal

And American flag Jim Craig wore after 1980 victory at Olympics

(Newser) - The "Miracle on Ice" hockey team is an indelible memory from the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, with the US coming from behind to defeat the long-reigning Soviets, and then Finland, for the gold. And goalie Jim Craig, then 22, made an equally poignant impression after his team's victory,... More »

Brazil Woman Under Fire After Racial Chant at Soccer Game

She apologizes after being identified; team is banned for year

(Newser) - Some classy fans of the Brazilian soccer team Gremio got caught on video chanting "monkey" and making ape gestures at an opposing black goalie. Now a woman who was identified via social media as one of the participants has publicly apologized to the goalie, named Aranha, reports the BBC... More »

What Goalies Get Wrong About Penalty Shots

They suffer from the 'gambler's fallacy'

(Newser) - Goalkeepers, it seems, fall victim to a classic problem faced by gamblers—and during a penalty shootout, it could cost them the match. The "gambler's fallacy" is the mistaken idea that, given a pair of outcomes, a string of one means the other is "due" to occur.... More »

For 13th Time Ever, Goalie Scores Goal

Martin Brodeur gets credit as last person to touch the puck

(Newser) - Martin Brodeur achieved a rare NHL feat last night, even if it was by accident. He got credited with a goal because he was the last New Jersey Devil to touch the puck when Carolina scored on itself, reports USA Today . It's only the 13th time in NHL history... More »

4 Stories