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Senators Agree to 'Border Surge,' 700-Mile Fence

Security concessions could open door for more GOP support

(Newser) - How do you get Republicans to sign onto an immigration bill? You build a danged fence —a lot of danged fence. A bipartisan group of senators has agreed to bolster the border security provisions in the Senate's immigration reform bill, in the hopes of winning over more GOP... More »

Ayotte: 'Immigration System Is Broken,' Backs Reform Bill

Brings key GOP support to Gang of Eight measure

(Newser) - Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte has announced her support for the Senate immigration reform bill, bringing the measure one vote closer to the 60-vote majority needed to avoid a filibuster. "Our immigration system is completely broken; we've got 11 million people living in this country illegally and in the... More »

Marco Rubio: I'll Vote Against My Own Bill

Immigration reform must get beefed up, or 'we're wasting time'

(Newser) - Marco Rubio may have been one of the driving forces behind the Gang of Eight's immigration reform bill, but that doesn't mean he's planning to vote for it. He told radio host Hugh Hewitt yesterday that the parts of the bill related to border security need to... More »

Schumer: We'll Pass Immigration Bill by July 4

House GOP: Not so fast

(Newser) - Chuck Schumer says the Senate will pass the Gang of Eight's immigration bill by July Fourth, and thinks he'll have as many as 70 senators in the aye column. The measure is heading to the full Senate on June 10. But even if it passes there, it faces... More »

Conservative Economists Praise the New Immigration Bill

Even as GOP senators threaten to kill it

(Newser) - Conservative economists appear to have gotten the memo about the GOP's new immigration-friendly stance. More than 100 of them today signed a letter praising the reform bill coming to the Senate floor, saying it would have a "positive impact on population growth, labor force growth, housing, and other... More »

Gang of 8 Ready to Lift Lid on Sweeping Immigration Plan

Senators will file bipartisan legislation today

(Newser) - The biggest overhaul of American immigration laws in decades will be filed today, though the bipartisan group of eight senators who crafted it have canceled a scheduled press conference because of the Boston Marathon bombing . The bill provides a 13-year path to US citizenship for 11 million immigrants in the... More »

Immigration Deal in Limbo Over Business-Labor Snag

Reform stalls over how much to pay low-skilled immigrants

(Newser) - The broad strokes of a bipartisan immigration deal are finished, but a fight between business and labor over how much to pay low-skilled immigrants is holding up the final package, reports AP . A bipartisan group of eight senators missed a self-imposed deadline to wrap things up yesterday before the Senate'... More »

7 Stories