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CDC Guard Who Snapped Obama Pic Says Firing 'Unjust'

CDC contractor Kenneth Tate canned after getting too close to president's limo

(Newser) - CDC security guard Kenneth Tate was excited when President Obama set foot in his elevator during his September visit, even shaking the president's hand in a moment that made him "proud," the New York Times reports. But when Tate escorted Obama back to his limo, he snapped... More »

Pierson Wanted Secret Service 'More Like Disney': Staff

Ex-director ignored security advice, cut employees, 'WaPo' article says

(Newser) - Julia Pierson, the Secret Service director who resigned yesterday , was brought in a year and a half ago to solve the agency's problems in the wake of its various sex scandals and other issues. But her tenure—marred by recent accusations of the service's ineptitude in handling a... More »

Secret Service Chief Resigns

Julia Pierson steps down amid gaffes, criticism

(Newser) - In a not-so-shocking development, Secret Service chief Julia Pierson has resigned, reports CNBC . The move comes amid withering criticism in the wake of high-profile security lapses involving President Obama. Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson announced the resignation and said he was appointing Joseph Clancy to be interim director of the... More »

Arrogant Secret Service Needs Outsider's Overhaul

Critics say agency's main task these days is covering up its own incompetence

(Newser) - Secret Service chief Julia Pierson's defense of her agency before Congress seems only to have made people angrier. At Politico Magazine , Ronald Kessler delivers a blistering criticism in which he alleges not only incompetence—for stuff like this and this —but arrogance that is off the charts. As... More »

Secret Service: White House Front Doors Now Lock Automatically

Julia Pierson hauled before Congress on security lapses

(Newser) - Today's Walk of Shame is brought to you by Julia Pierson, director of the bumbling Secret Service currently being grilled by frothing members of the House Oversight Committee on the not-inconsequential matter of how a heavily-armed Omar Gonzalez was able to get deep inside the White House . Calling the... More »

Fence-Jumper Got Deep Inside White House: Report

Omar Gonzalez overpowered guard, passed First Family's quarters

(Newser) - The fence-jumper who bolted across the White House lawn with a knife this month made it further than previously admitted—inside the building and within a stone's throw of the First Family's living quarters, the Washington Post reports. Insiders say former Army soldier Omar Gonzalez overpowered a Secret... More »

Secret Service Tightens Booze Rules—Slightly

Supervisor demoted after multiple incidents

(Newser) - Between suspected drinking and driving and passing out in a hallway , Secret Service agents haven't been exhibiting model behavior recently. Now, some in the service are paying the price. The head of the key special operations division has been demoted, insiders tell the Washington Post , while some two dozen... More »

Secret Service to Get First Female Director

Julia Pierson picked by Obama to take over scandal-hit agency

(Newser) - The Secret Service is getting a historic change at the top: President Obama has picked the first woman to lead the agency, reports the Washington Post . Julia Pierson, 53, began working as an agent about 30 years ago and eventually moved up to her current post as chief of staff.... More »

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