European bison

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The Higgs Bison Solves a Few Ancient Mysteries

The ancient animal was the rare hybrid mammal

(Newser) - Approximately 120,000 years ago, the now-extinct Ice Age steppe bison got it on with the aurochs, the ancient ancestor of cows, and created a rare hybrid mammal. Then ancient humans drew it. NPR reports research published Tuesday in Nature Communications solves a number of ancient mysteries in one go.... More »

Bison Will Roam Forests in Germany Again

Prince to free small herd of wisents

(Newser) - This month, a German prince will open the gates of an enclosure on his 30,000-acre spread and make a little history. Prince Richard of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg intends to let loose a small herd of European bison—a bull, five cows, and two calves—a move that will mark the first... More »

2 Stories