Kyndall Jack

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Turns Out the 'Hallucinating' Lost Hiker Had Meth in Car

May have been high during $160K taxpayer-funded rescue

(Newser) - Hiker Nicolas Cendoya might be regretting those interviews he gave about having "lucid dreams, lucid hallucinations" while being lost for three days in a Southern California national forest last month. The 19-year-old and a friend were eventually rescued , but police have now arrested Cendoya for felony drug possession after... More »

Rescued Hiker Hallucinated Python Attack

Kyndall Jack recounts ordeal in canyon

(Newser) - So what's it like to be lost in a canyon for four days and dehydrated to the point of death? For rescued hiker Kyndall Jack, it meant trying to eat stones and dirt thinking they were food; sucking on twigs thinking they'd provide water the way straws do;... More »

Rescued Hiker Tried to Carry Friend Out of Forest

Nicholas Cendoya describes wilderness ordeal

(Newser) - One of two hikers rescued after several days lost in a Southern California national forest says he was so far gone during his ordeal that he thought he was in the afterlife and the firefighters who eventually found him were a hallucination. Nicolas Cendoya, 19, says he and friend Kyndall... More »

Missing Hiker Found Shoeless, Mouth Clogged With Dirt

Kyndall Jack 'wouldn't have made it much longer,' says rescuer

(Newser) - Rescuers followed Kyndall Jack's faint cries for an hour and a half yesterday before finally locating the 18-year-old hiker , who had been missing since Sunday in a Southern California national forest. She was holding on to a rocky outcropping about the size of a yoga mat, on an almost... More »

4 Stories