Family Secrets

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Chicago Mob Snitch Gets 12 Years for 14 Murders

Victims outraged

(Newser) - Former Chicago mob hit man Nicholas Calabrese was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday, enraging family members of victims who wanted him jailed for life, the Tribune reports. Calabrese admitted to whacking 14 people, but his testimony in the so-called “Family Secrets” trial put away three top mob... More »

Jury Convicts 5 in 'Family' Affair

Chicago's top kingpin nailed in 'Family Secrets' case

(Newser) - Chicago’s top mob boss was one of five men convicted today in a trial federal authorities dubbed “Operation Family Secrets” after one defendant's relatives offered unprecedented cooperation. Testimony from the son and brother of alleged hit man Frank Calabrese was key in convicting him, along with three Outfit... More »

No-Name Jury Awaits Chicago Mob Trial

'Family Secrets' case will go before anonymous panel

(Newser) - Five elderly men accused of running the Chicago mob go on trial this week before a jury of their peers—but the defendants and their lawyers won't know the names of those peers. The Chicago Tribune explores the issue of juror anonymity as a federal court begins assembling a panel... More »

3 Stories