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Another Big GOP Fight Looms: Immigration

Lobbying blitz next week could raise new tensions

(Newser) - Republicans in Congress might still be smarting over the fallout from the shutdown, but the New York Times reports that another potential "schism" for the party is right around the corner—immigration reform. Conservatives vow to block any legislation from passing the House, while John Boehner and others support... More »

2 Big Names Bail on Zuckerberg Advocacy Group

Elon Musk is one, angry over ads supporting Keystone pipeline

(Newser) - The advocacy group spearheaded by Mark Zuckerberg on immigration reform is down two high-profile players from Silicon Valley because of an ad strategy that has angered environmental and liberal groups, reports Reuters . The bigger name to leave is Tesla CEO Elon Musk. "I agreed to support FWD.us because... More »

Liberals Dislike Zuckerberg's Political Ads

Facebook in crosshairs thanks to strategy

(Newser) - As Facebook announced its earnings yesterday, a small crowd of protesters gathered outside its headquarters, wearing hazmat suits and chanting things like, "Keystone, take a hike. Facebook dislike." It was the latest sign of the backlash the company is facing over Mark Zuckerberg's new political organization, FWD.... More »

Zuckerberg: Why Our Immigration System Is a Mess

It keeps smart people out who hold the key to a 'knowledge economy'

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg's political advocacy group for immigration reform launches today, reports Politico , and Zuckerberg himself takes to the Washington Post to explain the rationale behind FWD.us. You'll get the gist from a string of questions he poses in the op-ed piece:
  • "Why do we kick out
... More »

4 Stories