Redoine Faid

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Gangster Recaptured After Spectacular Prison Escape

Redoine Faid back behind bars after 6-week global manhunt

(Newser) - France's "most wanted man," the gangster who infamously broke out of prison last month by using explosives to bust through doors and holding guards hostage, has finally been recaptured after a six-week international manhunt. Notorious career criminal Redoine Faid and an accomplice were arrested in a hotel... More »

Gangster Blows Up Prison Doors, Busts Out

Redoine Faid sparks huge manhunt

(Newser) - A French gangster inspired by movies like Scarface and Heat broke out of prison yesterday and sparked a manhunt across Europe, CNN reports. Redoine Faid, 40, briefly held four guards hostage and blew up several prison doors before fleeing in a getaway car. He later set fire to his car... More »

2 Stories