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Someone Just Paid $162K for This 'Remarkable' Tubman Pic

Most photos of the anti-slavery crusader show her as an elderly woman—not this one

(Newser) - A rare photograph of 19th-century abolitionist and Underground Railroad hero Harriet Tubman has been sold at a New York City auction for $162,500. Swann Galleries says the circa late-1860s image sold Thursday for a hammer price of $130,000, plus a $32,500 auctioneer fee, the AP reports. The... More »

Syria's President Says This Iconic Photo Is Fake

Interviewer confronts Assad with haunting image

(Newser) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad apparently believes there's such a big shortage of injured children in his country that people have to forge photos of them. In an interview with a Swiss television station this week, the leader was confronted with a haunting photo of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh , who was... More »

Hug Felt 'Round the World Goes Viral

'Unlikely friends' George W. Bush, Michelle Obama photographed in embrace

(Newser) - A reunion of "two unlikely friends" happened Saturday during the dedication of DC's National Museum of African American History and Culture , per CNN —and the photo of Michelle Obama's embrace of George W. Bush has now become a "powerful image … for the ages,"... More »

Perpetual Terrorist 'Victim' Really Just a Con Artist

But he's not the one putting his own picture up after each terrorist attack

(Newser) - He's gone missing in the Istanbul airport attack and the May EgyptAir crash , as well as been named a victim of the Pulse Orlando shooting and as an official who ordered police to shoot at a group of Mexican protesters in June, but who "he" is remains a... More »

Reuters Posts 'Titanic' Frame in Arctic Gaffe

Agency pinched movie still for North Pole report

(Newser) - Reuters was caught in another photo pas today, when it revealed pics used in a report on Russia's flag-planting at the North Pole last week were actually lifted frames from the 1997 blockbuster Titanic. An image captioned with descriptions of Russian submersibles on an Arctic seabed was actually a still... More »

Photos That Changed the World?

(Newser) - Slate and Magnum Photos team up to present 31 photos that over the past 70 years have "informed the world" and "capture(d) the political and cultural zeitgeist of our time."  The iconic photos in this slide show range from a soldier falling in the Spanish Civil... More »

6 Stories