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Women Drive Recovery, But Dissed By Retail

Biz approach to females: take 'a male product and paint it pink'

(Newser) - Women who shop til they drop are stimulating the economy more than any Ben Bernanke, but the planet's greatest spending bloc feels dissed by retailers and service providers. Women control $20 trillion in annual consumer spending in the world—a figure likely to climb to $28 trillion by 2014. Despite... More »

Calif. Teen Finishes Record Round-the-World Sail

Zac Sunderland, 17, breaks record for youngest person to sail around the world

(Newser) - Zac Sunderland, 17, returned to Los Angeles today, completing a 13-month journey and earning the title of youngest sailor ever to circumnavigate the globe, the Times reports. Sunderland, of Thousand Oaks, Calif., was greeted by cheering crowds aboard yachts and sailboats. He traveled 25,000 miles, crossing three oceans and... More »

World Euphoric, a Bit Worried About Obama

Positive outlook on US could heighten tension abroad

(Newser) - At recent international gatherings in Munich and Doha, world leaders were “mildly euphoric” about the Obama administration, writes Joe Klein in Time. Muslim leaders called for support for the new president, while Joe Biden’s promises to “listen” and “consult” left a “stunned silence.” But... More »

Facebook Nation Now Counts 150M, and Going Strong

Growth outside US could put networking site at 200M by spring

(Newser) - John McCain and the iPhone may be so 2008, but Facebook is going strong. The networking site now claims 150 million users, just four months after surpassing 100 million. At this rate, CEO Mark Zuckerberg will have a delightful 25th-birthday gift this spring: 200 million users. Most new members live... More »

Hey, World: Cheering Obama Isn't Enough

'Don't just show us the love, show us the money, the troops,' writes Freidman

(Newser) - The world is rejoicing at the election of Barack Obama, and that's great. But Obama has a tough road ahead—so let’s see if the global community can put its money and troops where its mouth is, writes Thomas Friedman in the New York Times. Rather than just smiling... More »

The Weirdest Sporting Events

How oddballs compete, from pole-sitting to goat polo

(Newser) - If curling strikes you as a strange sport, you've obviously never heard of wife carrying or bottle kicking. The London Times explores the weirdest pastimes from across the globe:
  1. Wife-carrying, Maine, USA: Wives hang on for dear life as husbands tote them through an obstacle course, upside-down. Winners receive the
... More »

Photos That Changed the World?

(Newser) - Slate and Magnum Photos team up to present 31 photos that over the past 70 years have "informed the world" and "capture(d) the political and cultural zeitgeist of our time."  The iconic photos in this slide show range from a soldier falling in the Spanish Civil... More »

7 Stories