Black Guerilla Family

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Blame Union Politics for Baltimore's Jail Scandal

Charles Lane: New law gives guards way too much cover

(Newser) - How on earth did things get so bad at the Baltimore City Detention Center that at least 13 female guards allegedly helped gang bangers sell drugs behind bars and even had their kids? At the Washington Post , Charles Lane thinks a good part of the blame lies with a too-powerful... More »

Feds: Guards Let Inmates Run Md. Jail, Slept With Them

4 female officers had gang leader's babies

(Newser) - Thirteen female corrections officers have been accused of helping the Black Guerilla Family gang run a drug trafficking operation inside a Baltimore jail—and having sex with the inmates running the operation—according to an indictment unsealed yesterday. The gang's leader, Tavon White, has allegedly fathered five children with... More »

2 Stories