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N. Korea: Detained American Hid Identity

Entered country 'under manipulation' of 'hostile' forces

(Newser) - North Korea today revealed a few more details about a Korean-American recently sentenced to 15 years' hard labor , saying he entered the country with a disguised identity. Pyongyang also rejected speculation that it intends to use Kenneth Bae as a bargaining chip. In remarks carried by state media, a Foreign... More »

N. Korea Sentences US Man to 15 Years of Hard Labor

Kenneth Bae convicted of unspecified 'serious crimes'

(Newser) - Kenneth Bae was first accused of a takeover plot in North Korea; now the country's top court has sentenced him to 15 years' hard labor for "serious crimes," CNN reports, per the country's state news. The US State Department, which called for Bae's release "... More »

N. Korea Charges US Man With Coup Plot

Kenneth Bae could face death penalty

(Newser) - North Korea announced today that an American detained for nearly six months is being tried in the Supreme Court on charges of plotting to overthrow the government, a crime that could draw the death penalty if he is convicted. The case involving Kenneth Bae, who has been in North Korean... More »

3 Stories