Rock Creek Park

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Deer-Culling Controversy Ends With ... Venison Ragu

Meat from DC park will feed the homeless

(Newser) - The coda to a long-simmering fight over how to manage the swelling deer population of DC's Rock Creek Park can be found on next week's menu at city homeless shelters: "ground venison ragu atop whole wheat rotini baked with mozzarella cheese." The Washington City Paper explains:... More »

Gov't Calls in Sharpshooters to Take Out DC Deer

NPS goes hunting in Rock Creek Park

(Newser) - The federal government has dispatched a team of sharpshooters to assassinate a rogue menace threatening DC: Bambi. The National Park Service began a cull of white-tailed deer in Washington's Rock Creek Park Wednesday night, following delays due to a failed lawsuit by local activists seeking to avert the slaughter,... More »

2 Stories