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Sorority Sues Ex-Member Who Leaked Secret Handshake

Online post detailed Phi Sigma Sigma's private rituals

(Newser) - To the sisters of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, the group's secret handshake and knock are "sacred"—so sacred, it seems, that to reveal them is to risk a lawsuit. That's what happened to a former member of the sorority who listed that information, as well... More »

Leaked: Microsoft's Windows Blue

Windows Blue includes new gestures, apps

(Newser) - The next version of Windows isn't due on shelves until later in the year, but eager customers can already get a look at a leaked version of it: A partner version of Windows Blue has been making the rounds on file-sharing sites, the Verge reports. It looks a lot... More »

Computer Expert Leaks Thousands of Protester Emails

Tom Ryan says Anonymous hackers are Occupy Wall Street masterminds

(Newser) - A cyber-security expert has released thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters' emails —and says he has learned which of the protesters are affiliated with Anonymous. Group members are participating in the movement, Gawker notes, but Tom Ryan, who leaked some 3,900 messages from an Occupy Wall Street mailing... More »

FBI Partner Hacked, 180 Passwords Leaked

Attack was response to Pentagon stance on cyberattacks: hackers

(Newser) - Hackers have accessed and leaked the passwords of some 180 workers at FBI-partner InfraGard, says the Atlanta-based organization. "Someone did compromise the website," said the local head of the group, a volunteer public-private partnership that shares info about threats to US physical and Internet infrastructure. Victims include members... More »

Facebook Shut Itself Down for 30 Minutes

After code leak, 550M users were temporarily friendless

(Newser) - Facebook closed its virtual doors to users for about 30 minutes yesterday, after the code for a handful of new products went public before those products had been rolled out, reports Wired . The 550-million-user site shut itself down between about 4:15 and 4:45pm ET. “For a brief... More »

House Eyes Ethics Probes on 30 Members

Reps under scrutiny named in leaked document

(Newser) - As the House ethics committee yesterday was voting to go forward with full investigations of Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson, it was putting out a bigger fire started when an internal document revealed more than 30 lawmakers were under scrutiny was leaked on the Internet. “No inference... More »

Microsoft's Courier Tablet Is 'Astonishing'

Combines touch-screen and stylus, 'opposite' of Apple's coming entry

(Newser) - Microsoft’s foray into tablet computers looks to be “astonishing,” Gizmodo blogger The Paperboy raves after getting a look at leaked photo of the Courier, which has two screens and opens like a book. It has touch-screen and stylus capabilities, and is in the “late prototype” stage,... More »

Workers Flood Blogs With Company Secrets

14% of employees admit spilling dirt

(Newser) - Company secrets are an endangered species in our blog-happy society, reports the Wall Street Journal. A survey has found that 14% of US workers admit to leaking confidential or embarrassing company information to outsiders. Salary cuts and impending layoffs are common topics leaked to industry blogs. More »

Abuse Victim Blige Records Duet With Chris Brown

(Newser) - In a somewhat baffling move, Mary J. Blige has recorded a duet with alleged Rihanna-beater Chris Brown, Jezebel reports. Blige has been outspoken about her suffering at the hands of a former boyfriend and the terrors of growing up around domestic violence. To make matters more uncomfortable, it appears that... More »

Brown: I Didn't Leak Nude Rihanna Pics

Topless shots appeared online last week

(Newser) - Chris Brown denies he had anything to do with the topless photos of Rihanna that popped up online last week, the Sun reports. "Chris has not released or 'leaked' any photos," a rep says. Some suspected Brown of releasing the photos of his ex because he was mad... More »

Pirated Wolverine Already Viewed by 1M

Execs fear massive downloading will claw into box-office take

(Newser) - Canned Fox columnist Roger Friedman is in very good company—the unfinished copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been downloaded more than a million downloads since it was leaked online, TorrentFreak reports. Execs are panicked by the leak—described by Gawker as the "biggest Hollywood crime of the decade"... More »

Fox News Columnist Fired Over Wolverine Pirate Review

Columnist clarifies he did not download film

(Newser) - Gossip columnist Roger Friedman has been officially ousted from Fox News after reviewing a pirated copy of sister-company 20th Century Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. After yesterday afternoon’s meeting between Friedman and Fox News execs, the two parties “mutually agreed to part ways immediately,” according to a... More »

Columnist Fired (or Not) Over Review of Pirated Wolverine's Friedman to argue for job today

(Newser) - The fate of longtime Fox News columnist Roger Friedman is unclear, but one thing is certain: It probably wasn’t a great idea to review a pirated copy of a sister company’s movie. Fox News-parent News Corp. said Friedman was canned after posting Thursday’s positive review of the... More »

Oops! NYT Posts Obama Hottie's Number

But photo containing Favreau's digits quickly taken down

(Newser) - It wasn't next to "For a good time, call," but the New York Times inadvertently published the digits of hot young Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau last night in a slideshow devoted to the president's speech. The photo, a closeup of Obama's hand next to his speech, appears to... More »

Miley Sorry For Real This Time

Singer apologizes for controversial pic

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus has apologized again for slanting her eyes in a photo leaked last week, this time admitting her action might be seen as "hurtful," E! Online reports. In her first half-hearted explanation, Cyrus said she was just being "goofy" in the picture, which was slammed by... More »

Miley: 'I'm Not Racist, Just Goofy'

Singer defends controversial pic

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus apologized—sort of—for slanting her eyes in the photo that sparked accusations of racism and the particular ire of a national Asian-American group, the Daily News reports. “I'm sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context!” the... More »

Bale's Mom Dishes on His Tantrum Demons

Reveals star's troubled childhood

(Newser) - Christian Bale's infamous F-word-laced meltdown on a movie set was caused by a hair-trigger temper forged in his childhood, his mom tell the Mirror. The perfectionist actor was repeatedly humiliated as a child by his father, said his 61-year-old mum, Jenny, who accused her son of assault last year. “... More »

(Some) Sponsors, Celebs Support Phelps

A few celebs are also in his corner

(Newser) - Michael Phelps’ sponsors are supportive—so far—following his bong imbroglio, AP reports. Watchmaker Omega called the whole thing a “nonissue,” and Speedo reiterated that Phelps is a “valued member of the Speedo team.” Experts say Phelps better stick to the straight and narrow—he promised... More »

Not Your Best Idea Ever, Miley

Eye-slanting not a good 'example' from Disney star

(Newser) - Miley Cyrus’ latest less-than-wholesome stunt? Slanting her eyes in a party pic that's been slammed by an Asian-American group, TMZ reports. “The photograph of Miley Cyrus and other individuals slanting their eyes is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young... More »

New Media Thwart Edwards, Olympics

Masses now the arbiter of news

(Newser) - The mainstream media aren't the arbiter of news anymore—every man, woman, and child with a mouse is, according to David Carr of the New York Times. For proof, look no further than the Olympics opening ceremonies or the John Edwards scandal. No matter how hard it tried, NBC couldn’... More »

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