Outer Space Treaty

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Inside the Quest to Create the Nation of 'Asgardia'

You can become a citizen of it, but you won't be able to leave Earth

(Newser) - If your chosen candidate doesn't win on Nov. 8, there's perhaps no need to decamp to Canada or Russia : Become a citizen of Asgardia instead. That's the name of the newly proposed "first nation state in space." Named after a world in Norse mythology that'... More »

This Man Claims He Owns the Moon

And he'll sell you an acre for $19.99

(Newser) - Calling it the biggest loophole in the world doesn't quite capture its reach: Dennis Hope claims that he owns the moon—and our solar system's planets—due to what the Outer Space Treaty doesn't say. Mashable reports the treaty has been the guiding document on space law... More »

2 Stories