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India Cops Charge Baby With Coercion

Nazim is 12 months old, at most

(Newser) - India police are apparently determined to keep baby criminals off the streets—not novice criminals, actual babies. Officers in rural Uttar Pradesh charged a kid named Nazim, whose age is somewhere between 10 months and a year, with coercion and intimidation, reports the BBC . It's not a case of... More »

Scientology Chased, Spied On, Imprisoned Defectors

Ex-staffers say spying, interrogation, imprisonment the norm

(Newser) - The Church of Scientology has a policy of tracking down staffers who try to leave and doing whatever it can to bring them back. The church’s ex-security chief tells the St. Petersburg Times that he read every piece of mail that staffers received, recording any information within, including bank... More »

Fear, Not Fraud, May Have Won Iranian Election

(Newser) - A pre-election poll of Iranian voters favoring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been held up as proof that the election was fair. Not so, writes Nate Silver on The poll, conducted by Terror Free Tomorrow, found that 33.8% of respondents intended to vote for Ahmadinejad, versus 13.6% for... More »

Knox Beaten By Italian Police: Stepdad

Stepfather accuses Italian law enforcement of mishandling case

(Newser) - Accused killer Amanda Knox was repeatedly beaten during an all-night interrogation by Italian police, her stepfather tells the Independent. The American student, charged with murdering her British roommate on a study-abroad program, told police she was in the apartment during the murder—but made the statement after she was hit... More »

Computer Virus Targets Gullible Lovebirds

Clicking on heart images in email could turn your machine into spambot

(Newser) - A Valentine-themed spam campaign is underway, with a side dish of coercion and extortion, Computer Weekly reports. Users receive an email, ostensibly from a secret admirer, with a link to a website that downloads a bot called Waledec. Not only does Waledec co-opt the user’s address list and start... More »

3,700 Adoptions in Limbo

System is so speedy it's wide open to abuse, critics say

(Newser) - Thousands of Americans are caught in heartbreaking limbo as Guatemala debates new rules for its adoption system, the AP reports. US families await 3,700 kids, but Guatemala wants to regulate what many call a crime-ridden $100 million business that includes coercion and kidnapping. The US has asked for current... More »

Pacman Faces Felony Charges in Go-Go Brawl

Titans CB faces up to 12 years if convicted

(Newser) - Talented-yet-troubled Tennessee defensive back Adam "Pacman" Jones has been charged with two counts of coercion—a felony—in the February Vegas strip club fracas that left a bouncer paralyzed and got Jones suspended for the 2007-08 season. Jones stands accused of biting a bouncer's ankle and making death threats... More »

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