AP subpoena scandal

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Stop Trusting Geeks Like Obama

Like Google, Facebook, and co., Obama assures us he's got good intentions

(Newser) - Many people are confused by President Obama's relentless prosecution of Bradley Manning , and pursuit of other leakers . Isn't he supposed to be a Silicon Valley-style transparency-loving geek? That view is "charmingly naïve," writes Edward Luce at the Financial Times . "Obama is no traitor to... More »

NYT, AP Boycott Holder's Off-Record Media Powwow

Meeting 'isn't appropriate' as outlets 'aggressively covering' scandal

(Newser) - Eric Holder just wants to talk to reporters, without worrying about any pesky reporting. The attorney general has called an off-the-record meeting with the Washington bureau chiefs of several major media outlets to discuss the Justice Department's handling of leak investigations , but two of the most major—the AP... More »

Holder Backed Fox News Probe

Attorney general signed off on controversial search warrant

(Newser) - Eric Holder has deftly sidestepped accountability for the Justice Department's spying on the AP by saying he recused himself from the case , but he can't pull the same trick in the Fox News case . The attorney general personally signed off on the search warrant targeting Fox reporter James... More »

AP Scandal Fallout: Obama Asks for Press Shield Law

Chuck Schumer to introduce bill at White House's behest

(Newser) - Chuck Schumer re-introduced his media-protection bill today at the White House's request, as the administration reels from the AP phone record scandal . The bill, called the Free Flow of Information Act, would make it so that journalists couldn't be compelled to reveal their sources until all other options... More »

Holder: I'm Not Sure How Often We Spy on Journalists

Attorney general to face House grilling today

(Newser) - The Justice Department's secret subpoena of AP phone records might not have been a one-time occurrence. Eric Holder tells NPR that he has no idea how many times he'd allowed the department to snoop on journalists. "I'm not sure how many of those cases … I... More »

Holder Orders IRS Investigation

He also said he had no involvement in the AP phone records scandal

(Newser) - Eric Holder today said he has launched a criminal investigation into the IRS scandal , and he also disavowed involvement in the AP snooping scandal . On the latter, the attorney general said he'd recused himself from the related leak investigation. In a press conference at the Justice Department today, Holder... More »

6 Stories