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US Tourist Dies After 'Foolish' Move in Australia

Police say he ran from companion on sweltering hike

(Newser) - A US tourist has died while hiking in what police call "a beautiful but harsh environment" in Central Australia. The 33-year-old California man and a 40-year-old companion were descending Mount Sonder on a 10-mile hike Wednesday when they became separated. A Northern Territory police superintendent tells ABC Australia the... More »

Want to Climb Uluru? Better Do It Soon

Climbing at sacred Anangu site will be banned in 2019

(Newser) - If your bucket list includes a trek up Australia's sacred monolith Uluru, you'd better get moving. The management board of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park—made up of eight indigenous members and four government officials, per the BBC —voted unanimously Wednesday to ban people from climbing the huge... More »

Australian Tourism Slogan Is Pretty Darn Explicit

Yes, you're reading that right

(Newser) - If Virginia being for lovers makes you blush, a new tourism slogan for Australia's Northern Territory will likely give you heart palpitations. Newshub of New Zealand warns its article "contains language which may offend some people," and there's really no way around that. "CU in... More »

Dad Torches Pot Plants, Son Calls Cops on Him

Young man was 'indignant and enraged' over his 'prized cannabis'

(Newser) - A young man from Australia got into it with his dad Tuesday night and ended up placing a phone call that has police shaking their heads, the Guardian reports. When cops showed up at the Humpty Doo home in the Northern Territory, the "indignant and enraged" son threw his... More »

Croc Drags Aussie Camper From Tent

Expert says teen's tent was too close to water

(Newser) - A family fishing and camping trip in Australia's Northern Territory turned terrifying Monday when a crocodile snuck up out of a creek about 50 feet from their campsite and dragged a 19-year-old from his tent, the Guardian reports. The croc yanked the teen out by his right foot at... More »

Body Found After Croc Snatches Swimmer

Cops shoot 15-foot croc in Australian river

(Newser) - Police in Australia have recovered the body of a swimmer snatched from a river by a crocodile in front of horrified friends. The body of the 26-year-old was found near where he was last seen in the Mary River yesterday, and police shot a 16-foot saltwater croc believed to have... More »

Man Fights Off Croc by Slugging Him in Snout

Father was swimming with daughters when attacked

(Newser) - A father attacked by an 8-foot crocodile in northern Australia while swimming with his daughters survived by punching the reptile repeatedly in the snout, reports the Independent . The man suffered two big bites on his back and 10 puncture wounds on his wrist, but the injuries are not life-threatening, said... More »

Aussie 'Tough Love' Upends Aboriginal Society

Government push to stop alcoholism, violence erodes power of tribal elders

(Newser) - Australia's controversial "tough love" program is toppling the Aborigines' traditional social structure, the Wall Street Journal reports. The government's effort to tackle rampant violence, child abuse, and alcoholism among Aborigines by banning alcohol sales and supplying welfare payments in credit for food and other essentials instead of cash has... More »

Toxic Toads Wiping Out Aussie Crocs

Freshwater crocodiles munch on invaders with fatal results

(Newser) - Poisonous cane toads are proving more than a match for Australia's freshwater crocodiles, AFP reports. The toads are hopping their way into the crocs' northern Australia territory in huge numbers, killing off all who opt to make a meal of the invaders. Toad poisoning has already cut the numbers of... More »

Australia Bans Alcohol, Porn in Aboriginal Areas

Beefed-up measures target rampant sex abuse of children

(Newser) - Australia will ban alcohol and pornography in some Aboriginal areas in an attempt to tackle widespread child sex abuse. A report last week blamed booze and poverty for the high levels of abuse in Aboriginal communities throughout the Northern Territory. "Exceptional measures are required to deal with an exceptionally... More »

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