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Man Sues Clinic After Homosexuality Labeled 'Chronic' Problem

Gay man asked for removal of offensive designation a year ago

(Newser) - Matthew Moore wasn't pleased to find his status as a gay man described as a "chronic condition" on his medical records after a routine checkup in 2013. But even more offensive to the LA man is the fact that the health organization he's now suing didn't... More »

Shrink: Sadness Is Normal, Don't Medicate

Canadian psychiatrist advises against taking pills

(Newser) - "That's why they call it the blues"? Not in Canada, apparently, where a top psychiatrist says people refuse to accept life's normal emotional downturns and hope doctors will make their lives better—with drugs. "We’re not always happy, and there are often good reasons... More »

DSM's Latest Mental Disorder: Caffeine Withdrawal

Must have 3 of 5 symptoms, according to DSM-5

(Newser) - If you've ever gone a day without caffeine and felt like you were going insane, well, you may not have been far off. The American Psychiatric Association has added caffeine withdrawal to the latest version of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. To be officially diagnosed, you... More »

New Psychiatry 'Bible' Under Fire

Critics say it's too broad, confusing

(Newser) - A new edition of the manual doctors use to diagnose mental illness, the DSM, has just been released by the American Psychiatric Association—but it has already been stirring up controversy for months, reports CBS . Most critically, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health has spoken out against... More »

4 Stories