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Trump Officials Are Dreaming of Nationalized 5G

Axios reports on a discussions happening among National Security Council officials

(Newser) - It's nowhere near a sure thing, but the idea is percolating: Fearful of a spying China, members of the Trump administration's national security team say a mobile 5G network needs to be in the cards, and that maybe the government should be the one to build it. The... More »

China Not Messing Around Hunting Down Fugitive in US

Brother of ex-aide to ex China president may have 'sensitive' info on Chinese leaders

(Newser) - The Obama administration has warned China to stop sending over undercover agents to wrangle its "economic fugitives," but that hasn't stopped Xi Jinping's henchmen from traveling overseas to find the brother of a man who used to be a top aide to ex-Chinese President Hu Jintao.... More »

China Media: US a 'Mincing Rascal,' Hypocrite on Spying

Because America spies on a host of foreign companies

(Newser) - China's media is crying hypocrisy over US allegations that its military spied on American companies , pointing out that the US isn't exactly a stranger to espionage. The Global Times decried the US a "mincing rascal" and a "high-level hooligan," that had "severely infringed" on... More »

China's Spies Have Seen Our Top Weapon Designs

Hackers have accessed info on missile defense, aircraft, ships, more: report

(Newser) - Chinese hackers have managed to access the designs for dozens of America's most advanced weapons systems, according to a confidential report from the Defense Science Board obtained by the Washington Post . The designs accessed include the heart of the Pentagon's missile defense shield for Asia, along with combat... More »

4 Stories