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No World Record—Because Fishermen Ate Shark

Fishing group bestows honor only for sharks that get released

(Newser) - That monster 805-pound mako shark caught by two cousins in Florida probably is the biggest ever caught from land, but the fishermen won't be getting their names in the record books, reports the Houston Chronicle . The problem is that Joey and Earnie Polk brought the shark home and ate... More »

Mako Caught Off Florida May Be World Record

Cousins say shark weighed 805 pounds

(Newser) - Two Florida cousins say they caught an 805-pound mako shark off the coast of Florida last week—and they'll also have a world record if the number is verified, reports the Pensacola News Journal . Earnie and Joey Polk say they hooked the 11-footer from land on an undisclosed Gulf... More »

Record-Breaking Shark Killed on Reality TV Show

1,323-pound shark's capture to air on Outdoor Channel hunting show

(Newser) - News of a record-breaking shark capture in Southern California made headlines this week, with a group of fisherman hooking an eye-popping 1,323-pound mako shark off the coast of Huntington Beach on Monday. And reality television will bring the chum-filled escapade into your home, the LA Times reports. The capture—... More »

3 Stories