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Apple Purchases Shazam

The sound-recognition app was one of the iPhone's first

(Newser) - Apple has bought Shazam, the maker of a song-recognition app that Apple's digital assistant Siri has already been using to help people identify the music playing on their iPhones, the AP reports. The companies didn't disclose the price of the acquisition announced Monday. Technology news site Recode previously... More »

Gizmo Can Tell You What Kind of Fish You're Eating

'Shazam for fish'

(Newser) - Never again shell out for bluefin tuna only to be sold bottom feeder by some unscrupulous fishmonger. Two developers have invented what they call "Shazam for fish" and named it, obviously, Fishazam. Hakai Magazine reports Fishazam uses a portable infrared spectrometer connected to a cellphone to scan the molecular... More »

Predicted: Top Summer Hits of 2013

Shazam predicts summer mega-hits using 4M searches

(Newser) - Since Shazam correctly predicted Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" would be 2012's summer mega-hit, you'll probably want to download the tunes the music ID app says will take over airwaves this year. Compiled using 4 million Shazam searches, the list from USA Today looks... More »

3 Stories