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Soy Sauce Molecule Could Treat HIV—Better

Soy sauce company's 2001 discovery holds

(Newser) - Picture the soy sauce bottle on most sushi restaurant tables, yep, the one with the red or green top. Those omnipresent bottles are the product of the Yamasa Corporation, which started manufacturing the soy sauce in 1645. But the most fascinating part of the Japan company's history is a... More »

Man Drinks Quart of Soy Sauce, Goes Into Coma

19-year-old nearly dies thanks to dare

(Newser) - Sign that your friends don't care about you: They dare you to drink an entire quart of soy sauce. Sign that you don't care about yourself: You actually do it. (You, in this case, was a 19-year-old living in Virginia, whose case was recounted in the Journal of ... More »

2 Stories