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Climate Change Not Behind Brutal Winters

In fact, study says cold snaps will become rarer

(Newser) - Sure, the last two winters have been bitterly cold—but scientists in Zurich and California say this has nothing to do with climate change. In fact, they say extreme cold snaps will become rarer as the climate continues to warm, Eureka Alert reports. The argument goes like this: The Arctic... More »

Hating Winter? Blame the Weaker Jet Stream

And climate change may be the cause, says Rutgers scientist

(Newser) - A change in the world's so-called jet stream may be causing our incredibly bitter winter, with a little help from climate change. Professor Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University gave a talk in Chicago yesterday saying that the jet stream—a high-speed air current in northern latitudes—has been weakening... More »

Five-Rocket NASA Mission Lights Up Sky

Science mission finally gets green light

(Newser) - After almost two weeks of delays, NASA finally launched its ATREX experiment this morning, lighting up the early morning sky as five rockets hurtled into the air. The rockets released chemicals into the air to create artificial glowing clouds at the edge of space, MSNBC reports. Those clouds will help... More »

Euro Heat Wave Kills Hundreds

Most victims are elderly; Hungary hit hardest

(Newser) - More than 500 people have died in the last week in the heat wave gripping central Europe. Most of the victims lived in Hungary, with some casualties reported in nearby Romania, the BBC reports. The elderly have been hardest hit. Temperatures in some areas have reached 107 degrees; the intense... More »

4 Stories