Gloria MacKenzie

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Secretive Powerball Winner Bails Out School

Gloria MacKenzie to donate $2M to Maine high school

(Newser) - Almost any sensible person facing a leaky roof and a $1.87 million repair bill is likely to enter daydream mode at some point: If only a millionaire would swoop in and... It turns out "save the day" is exactly what secretive Florida resident Gloria MacKenzie is doing for... More »

Mystery Woman Picks Up Whole Restaurant's Tab

The $590M question: Was it Powerball winner Gloria MacKenzie?

(Newser) - Plant City, Florida, is abuzz over a random act of kindness—possibly at the hands of the biggest solo lottery winner in US history. A woman who apparently looked like 84-year-old Gloria MacKenzie had an early-bird dinner at BuddyFreddy's on Sunday, leaving the restaurant with her two companions around... More »

2 Stories