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Boy Who Died of Virus Was Otherwise Healthy

Eli Waller, 4, went to bed with pinkeye and never woke up

(Newser) - A 4-year-old New Jersey boy who died after contracting enterovirus-68 had no symptoms other than pinkeye when his mom put him to sleep on the night of Sept. 24; by the time she went in the next morning to wake him up, he had died, Bloomberg reports. Eli Waller stayed... More »

18% of American Samoan Kids Battling Pink Eye

Massive outbreak of conjunctivitis keeps schools closed

(Newser) - American Samoa is in the midst of a massive outbreak ... of pink eye, the AP reports. Roughly 2,300 of the islands' 13,000 schoolkids have it, along with 130 teachers—some 30% of those in that profession there. And most schools have shut their doors. All public schools were... More »

New Japanese Fad: Eyeball Licking

Not only gross—it also spreads pinkeye

(Newser) - The hot new thing amongst Japanese teens? Licking each others' eyeballs. Also known as "oculolinctus" and "worming," it's a sexual thing, and was probably inspired by a music video clip (it's at 3:30; you know you want to look), reports ABC News . Apparently, an... More »

3 Stories