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Note on Napkin Will Cost Woman $850K

Jury rules against former owner of the 'Anchorage Daily News'

(Newser) - An Alaska jury has ordered the buyer of a news website to make good on a payment promise she had scrawled on a cocktail napkin, the AP reports. The Anchorage Daily News reports that jurors on Thursday ordered Alice Rogoff to pay more than $850,000 to Tony Hopfinger. Rogoff... More »

Theranos Offers Investors Very Unusual Deal

Troubled firm will offer extra shares to investors if they don't sue

(Newser) - The founder of troubled blood-testing firm Theranos is giving up some of her stake in the company in a bid to prevent yet more lawsuits, reports the Wall Street Journal . Elizabeth Holmes is offering investors up to two extra shares for every one they own in return for a promise... More »

Icahn Sours at Taste of Netflix's 'Poison Pill'

Slams stock move as 'poor corporate governance'

(Newser) - Billionaire investor Carl Icahn isn't happy with Netflix's plan to avoid a takeover, and he told the SEC as much yesterday. In a filed statement, he called the company's share-diluting "poison pill" decision "an example of poor corporate governance," the Los Angeles Times reports.... More »

Eying Icahn Takeover, Netflix Turns to 'Poison Pill'

Company seeks to dilute share values after investor picks up 10%

(Newser) - Following billionaire investor Carl Icahn's purchase of a 10% stake in Netflix , word is out that he may push the company to sell—so Netflix has opted for the "poison pill" approach. The company is giving shareholders the right to snap up more stock if any single shareholder... More »

Get Ready for More Facebook Shares for Sale

Lock-up expiration will free 268M shares in less than three months

(Newser) - Just as investors are souring on their plunging Facebook shares , comes a depressing reminder that millions of shares will likely soon flood the market. Starting in less than three months, select insiders and early investors will be allowed to sell their Facebook shares as the "lock-up period" currently preventing... More »

Nasdaq: We Bungled Facebook IPO

CEO Robert Greifeld: Nasdaq is 'humbly embarrassed'

(Newser) - Nasdaq admitted today that it mishandled Facebook's record-busting IPO on Friday with maddening delays and technical glitches, the Wall Street Journal reports. "This was not our finest hour," said Nasdaq CEO Robert Greifeld, who called his exchange "humbly embarrassed." Nasdaq's board met today, he... More »

Facebook IPO: Not Quite $100B

Shares to be $28 to $35, putting value at $96B max

(Newser) - With Nasdaq trading likely to begin in weeks, Facebook has revealed pricing figures: It's planning to sell shares for between $28 and $35, which would put the company's value at $77 billion to $96 billion—the highest ever for a web firm during its IPO, the Wall Street ... More »

Apple Thanks New CEO With 1M Shares

Tim Cook will reap $383M value by staying on until 2021

(Newser) - "Thanks for taking over as Apple's CEO, Tim. And by the way, here's $383 million." That's not an exact quote, but yes, Apple is awarding Tim Cook with one million shares currently valued at $383 million for taking the helm until 2021. MacRumors reports the... More »

BofA Raises $13.5B With Share Sale

Bank takes big stride towards meeting 'stress test' condition

(Newser) - Bank of America has sold shares to fill $13.5 billion of the $34 billion capital hole the Fed's "stress test" uncovered in the bank's balance sheet, Marketwatch reports. The bank—taking advantage of a 40% jump in its share price over the last month—issued 1.25 billion... More »

Firms Reprice Employees' Worthless Stock Options

Repricing plans toss lifeline to 'underwater' stock option holders

(Newser) - Major firms are trying to boost morale by giving workers another chance to profit on stock options made worthless by the stock market dive, the Washington Post reports. Many employees—especially execs—are currently stuck with "underwater" options with a strike price above the trading price. Close to... More »

Got a Buck? Buy a Share of Citi

(Newser) - A sign of the times: Citibank shares are now eligible for your local dollar store. The bank’s shares fell below $1 for the first time ever today in trading, MarketWatch reports. They reached 97¢ at midday, about 2 years after trading at an all-time high of $57. Investors apparently... More »

Taxpayers May Get 40% Stake in New Citi Deal

Bank proposes converting public bucks into common stock

(Newser) - Fearing further losses, Citigroup is negotiating with the government to convert part of the public's $45 billion investment in Citi from preferred to common stock, which could give the US up to 40% of the bank at no additional cost. Such a move would boost the bank's capital portfolio while... More »

Slim Loans NYT Co. $250M

Mexican billionaire will own 17% of company, but gets no special voting shares

(Newser) - The New York Times Company announced last night that it had cut a deal with Mexico's Carlos Slim, the world's second-richest man, for a $250 million loan. Slim will receive common shares over six years, at the end of which he will own 17% of the corporation. But he will... More »

NYT Ready to Sell BoSox Stake

As newspapers tank, company offloads non-core assets

(Newser) - With revenues plummeting and advertisers and readers fleeing, the cash-starved New York Times Co is looking to offload a once-sacrosanct asset—its 17.5% stake in the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park, the Wall Street Journal reports. Revenues at the Times Co arm that includes the Grey Lady and... More »

Coffee Nations Eye Shares in Starbucks

Colombia may buy stock, at bargain prices, in first quarter of 2009

(Newser) - The world’s coffee growing nations may swoop in to grab cheap Starbucks shares as the ailing company shutters stores and battles declining demand for premium beverages, Reuters reports. Colombia—the third-largest producer—could buy more control over the supply chain by nabbing “an important share” of the Seattle... More »

British Rocker Has Fans Fund New Album

For a $15 investment, you'll own a piece of Patrick Wolf's music

(Newser) - The British indie musician Patrick Wolf thinks fan involvement is the future of the music industry, and he's willing to put their money where his mouth is, NME reports. Fans who sign up through the website will be able to help fund Wolf's album—and earn perks like... More »

On Sports Exchange, 'Trade' Takes on New Meaning

Create a 'Sportfolio' and buy and sell shares in your favorite athletes

(Newser) - Trading baseball cards with your friends is so 20th century. A new website allows sports fans to trade shares in athletes and even teams, effectively wagering real money on the performance of pro and college athletes, reports Reuters. "I see the marketplace being enormous," says an early investor... More »

Insider Sales Put Facebook's Value at Fraction of $15B

Even CEO Zuckerberg reportedly selling still-private options at bargain prices

(Newser) - Though the stake bought by Microsoft last fall pegged Facebook’s value at $15 billion, a rush of stock sales by insiders at the still-private company shows they think it’s worth much less, BusinessWeek reports. Even Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the social-networking giant, reportedly has sold some... More »

Freddie Eyes Selling $10B in Shares to Stave Off Bailout

Measure might prevent need for bailout - for now

(Newser) - Freddie Mac is considering issuing $10 billion worth of new common and preferred shares, the Wall Street Journal reports, a move that might stave off a full-blown government rescue—and the increased scrutiny that would come with it. Freddie has been emboldened by two days of big gains, with shares... More »

Microsoft Retracts Yahoo Offer

CEO Steven Ballmer refuses to pay $37 per share

(Newser) - Microsoft withdrew its latest offer to buy Yahoo today after the companies' chief execs haggled over price at a Seattle meeting, the New York Times reports. Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer offered $33 per share, but Yahoo's Jerry Yang wanted $4 per share more in the blockbuster deal. More »

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