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Egypt Says Flight 804 Wreckage Has Been Found

The plane crashed May 19 on the way to Cairo from Paris

(Newser) - Nearly a month after EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed somewhere over the Mediterranean, searchers report they've found the wreckage, the New York Times reports. Wednesday's announcement comes from the Egyptian government, which states a search vessel "identified several main locations of the wreckage." According to the BBC... More »

Searchers Find Body Parts, Seats, Luggage From EgyptAir Crash

But the cause of the crash is still unknown

(Newser) - Search crews found floating human remains, luggage, and seats from EgyptAir Flight 804 on Friday, the AP reports. But they face a potentially more complex task in locating bigger pieces of wreckage and the black boxes vital to determining why the plane plunged into the Mediterranean. Looking for clues to... More »

EgyptAir Mystery Deepens

Body part, luggage discovered

(Newser) - If EgyptAir Flight 804 was indeed brought down by a terrorist group, that group is apparently not in a big hurry to claim credit for it. The mystery deepened on Friday, at which point more than 24 hours had elapsed since the flight crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with 66... More »

EgyptAir: Flight 804 Wreckage Actually Not Found

And US officials haven't seen any evidence of terrorism

(Newser) - EgyptAir has reversed course on earlier claims it had found the wreckage of Flight 804, which disappeared from radar early Thursday over the Mediterranean Sea, the Los Angeles Times reports. "We stand corrected on finding the wreckage because what we identified is not a part of our plane,"... More »

EgyptAir Flight Made Abrupt Turns, Crashed Into the Sea

Terrorism has not been ruled out

(Newser) - An EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew on board crashed in the Mediterranean Sea early Thursday morning off the Greek island of Crete, with French President Francois Hollande confirming "that this plane crashed at sea and has been lost." What we know:
  • Egyptian
... More »

Plane Grounded After Scary Note Found on Napkin

'I'll set this plane on fire' written in pencil

(Newser) - Things you probably don't want to read in a note on an airplane: "I'll set this plane on fire." That's what was scrawled in pencil on a napkin found by a woman on an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to New York, and it was... More »

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