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68.9% Off?! Stores With the Best Black Friday Discounts

WalletHub ranks 35 major stores by average discount

(Newser) - Black Friday is just a week and a half away, and WalletHub has the lowdown on which stores you might want to hit up. The site analyzed Black Friday ads from 35 major US retailers—comprising almost 7,000 deals—and ranked the stores by average discount. That's not... More »

'No Quick Fix' for Lego Sales Woes, CEO Laments

Excess inventory kept new products from moving in 2017, the first time in 13 years that profits fell

(Newser) - If you're an 8-year-old, you can never have too many Lego bricks. If you're Lego … well, maybe you can have too many Lego bricks. Excess inventory is one reason the Lego Group says it's now reporting, for the first time in 13 years, a drop in... More »

Major Layoffs Hit Microsoft This Week

As many as 3K people could lose their jobs, mostly in sales

(Newser) - Layoffs potentially numbering in the thousands started Thursday at Microsoft, CNBC reports. The company states the layoffs aren't motivated by a desire to cut costs but rather to address sales at the company, specifically in regards to its cloud-computing products. Sales of Azure, Microsoft's cloud-services product, grew 93%... More »

McDonald's Dropped 500M Transactions in 5 Years

But fast-food giant says it has a plan to win customers back

(Newser) - McDonald's says it's lost 500 million customer transactions in the US since 2012 and plans to use deals to help win people back. The world's biggest burger chain said Wednesday during its investor day in Chicago that much of that business was lost after it did away... More »

Kaepernick Jerseys Go Flying Off Shelves During Protest

NFL quarterback's red jersey now No. 1 top seller on NFL Shop website

(Newser) - The Colin Kaepernick controversy continues to rumble, but whereas at first his jerseys burned , now they are a hot commodity. NBC Sports reports that before the 49ers quarterback decided to sit out the national anthem, sales of his jerseys via the NFL Shop were sluggish. But a recent peek at... More »

Beyonce Shoutout Spikes Red Lobster Sales by 33%

'Formation' turned restaurant into a (somewhat) cool kid overnight

(Newser) - Red Lobster is reaping the benefits of what Fortune is calling "the mother of all branding gifts." The seafood restaurant has seen a surprise jump in sales—a 33% increase Sunday from the previous year—and it looks like it has Beyonce's new single to thank, CNNMoney... More »

The Force Awakens Toy Sales: $700M

Franchise's products helped boost toy sales overall by 6.7% in 2015

(Newser) - Is it a trap? Maybe for fanatic consumers, but not for the toy industry, which had a stellar sales year in 2015, partly thanks to the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars toys—including hot sellers such as Kylo Ren lightsabers and BB-8 models—scooped up more than $700 million in... More »

Weather Outside Is Frightful—for Retail

Retailers have lost $185M in sales of cold-weather apparel, outerwear

(Newser) - Thanks to the "blowtorch" effect , the weather across much of the US has been unseasonably mild, meaning many consumers are sitting on their wallets when it comes to apparel for frigid temps, Ad Age reports. That put a solid dent in November retail sales to the tune of $185... More »

Kevin Spacey Helps Alibaba Score $1B in 8 Minutes

Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) helped Alibaba out, too

(Newser) - Every Nov. 11, the Chinese celebrate Singles Day, an homage to the uncoupled—the 11/11 date is "reminiscent of 'bare branches,' the Chinese expression for bachelors and spinsters," notes Bloomberg . But Alibaba has something even bigger to raise a glass to: the fact that it smashed... More »

McDonald's Adds Butter, Snaps 2-Year Earnings Skid

Chain credits menu changes for uptick

(Newser) - McDonald's sales just snapped a two-year losing streak, edging up at US locations during the third quarter. Sales rose 0.9%, while globally they rose 4%, and the company expects the trend to continue in the final quarter. As a result, shares jumped nearly 7% to $109.40, striking... More »

Costco Claims Another Surprising Title

Watch out, AutoNation—the warehouse club may soon sell as many cars as you

(Newser) - Costco made headlines this week with the revelation that it's America's No. 1 seller of organic food ; now it's revving up to grab the top spot in another category: car sales. Nearly 400,000 vehicles were sold through the warehouse club last year—double the amount sold... More »

McDonald's Unveils 'Gourmet' Plan as Sales Drop

Company's sales fall 4.5% domestically

(Newser) - Wall Street gave McDonald's a little kick today after the global fast-food giant posted some of its worst numbers in over a decade, USA Today reports. The problem, oddly, may be that its food is too fast. First, the numbers: The company's November sales fell by 4.5%... More »

McDonald's Sales Take First Dip in Almost a Decade

Company cites competition, lower demand

(Newser) - Mark it on your calendar, folks: October 2012 was the month Americans finally got sick of McDonald's. OK, that might be overstating it, but last month broke a nearly decade-long winning streak for the golden arches, as same-store sales fell 2.2%, their first drop since 2003, the Chicago ... More »

How Apple Trains Its 'Geniuses' to Play You

A look inside a profoundly weird and ambitious training manual

(Newser) - Being an Apple Store "genius" takes more than technical know-how—it takes a company-provided crash course in psychology. Over at Gizmodo, Sam Biddle got hold of the Genius Training Student Workbook, a stunning volume full of stringent rules on how to interact with customers and each other, up to... More »

Why JCPenney's No-Coupon Experiment Is a Bust

People actually like sales, coupons: Brad Tuttle

(Newser) - JCPenney’s new plan —stop offering huge markdowns on inflated, “fake prices” in order to offer “fair and square” pricing—sounds good in theory. Prices start at least 40% lower than they had been, with no need for customers to take advantage of sales or coupons... More »

JC Penney's New Plan: an End to All Those Sales

...because every day will be a sale!

(Newser) - After attempting to woo bargain-hunters with 590 sales last year, JC Penney is officially doing away with them. But penny pinchers don't need to fret. The struggling chain's plan is to essentially make every day a sale by marking down all of its merchandise by 40% or more—... More »

iPhone 4S Shatters Preorder Record

More than 1M sold in a day

(Newser) - Maybe it's a tribute to Steve Jobs: The new iPhone 4S sold more than 1 million units across five countries in the first day of preorders, trampling the old record of 600,000. Apple shares climbed 4% on the news. It appears, Reuters notes, that eagerness for the device... More »

Dreamliner Finally Takes Flight

Boeing 787 takes off after years of delays

(Newser) - Leaving behind a series of woes and delays, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner took flight on its maiden voyage today, exactly six years to the day after Boeing first offered the jet for sale in 2003. Since then, the jet has been wildly successful in terms of sales, but also the... More »

Wal-Mart Will Push TVs, Laptops on Black Friday

Discount circular leaks ahead of schedule

(Newser) - Details of Wal-Mart's Black Friday deals—normally kept under wraps until Thanksgiving week—have been obtained by CNNMoney and partially confirmed by the retailer. The day after Thanksgiving will see deep discounts on high-def TVs, laptops, and Blu-ray players. Some specifics:
  • Sanyo 50-inch plasma TVs will be available for $598.
... More »

Fast-Food Star of Recession: $5 Footlong

Subway is rewarded for listening to franchisee

(Newser) - BusinessWeek has found what it calls the "fast-food success story of the recession"—the $5 footlong sandwich from Subway. The simple idea began with a franchisee who noticed slow sales on weekends and decided to knock down prices to bring in customers. After sales went through the... More »

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