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This Could Be 'Best News for US Animals' in Years

United Egg Producers will eliminate chicken culling by 2020

(Newser) - In a move Vox calls "the best news for America's animals in decades," United Egg Producers announced Thursday that it will stop culling newborn boy chicks. The Humane League negotiated the move with the UEP, the US's biggest representative of egg producers, and it will be... More »

Baby Chicks Show Smarts With Numbers

Study: Like humans, they put lower numbers at left, higher ones at right

(Newser) - Baby chicks seem to process numbers the same way humans do—with small ones starting on the left, according to a new study. The research out of Italy suggests that this "mental number line," considered fundamental to math, might be hard-wired into the brains of living creatures rather... More »

Baby Chicks Are Smarter Than Baby Humans

Unlike your baby, young chickens have self-control

(Newser) - Baby chicks: both adorable and smarter than you may think. A new study (which, it should be noted, was commissioned by an egg company) from the University of Bristol has found baby chickens posses many skills baby humans don't, the Independent reports. For instance, 93% of chicks in one... More »

3 Stories