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Osan Air Base Should Be on Your Radar. It's on North Korea's

It's fewer than 50 miles from the DMZ, and thousands of Americans are there

(Newser) - Osan Air Base may not be a name you're familiar with, but it's a US Air Force base that sits in a prime location: fewer than 50 miles from the Demilitarized Zone that separates North and South Korea. If that's not enough to get your attention, this... More »

Found on US Base in Japan: Decayed Corpse

Gender, date of death unclear

(Newser) - A corpse discovered at a US military camp in Okinawa, Japan is decayed "beyond recognition"—to the point where officials can't tell if it was male or female, nor do they know when the death occurred. What they do know is that the corpse appears to have... More »

In Shooting's Wake, US Puts Security Under Microscope

Plus: Aaron Alexis was barred from buying assault rifle

(Newser) - As concerns grow over contractors' access to military bases, Washington is ordering at least three reviews of security practices. The White House is calling for a new look at "standards for contractors and employees across federal agencies," according to press secretary Jay Carney. Meanwhile, defense secretary Chuck Hagel... More »

Helicopter Crashes on US Base in Japan

One crew member injured: report

(Newser) - A US military helicopter crashed today on the Japanese island of Okinawa, and Japan's defense minister says three of those in the chopper ejected themselves to safety while one was injured and hospitalized. No locals were hurt in the crash at US Marine Camp Hansen, though Reuters notes that... More »

8 Afghan Workers Killed en Route to US Base

Deadliest attack since Ramadan started

(Newser) - Eight Afghan workers were shot and killed as they headed to work on a US military base, the BBC reports. Local officials say the Taliban was behind the attacks. The civilian workers "were forced out of their car and taken about 200 meters off (the) road to a nearby... More »

North Korea: Ready Artillery to Hit US Mainland

Supreme Command orders units to be 'combat ready'

(Newser) - Your daily dose of North Korean bluster takes the shape of a ratcheted up warning against the US: The country says it has ordered its long-range artillery and rocket units to be put into "the No. 1 combat ready" mode and target US military bases on the mainland, Hawaii,... More »

3 Marines Dead in Virginia Base Shooting

Suspect among dead; was Quantico base staffer

(Newser) - A Marine killed two fellow Marines and then himself at a Virginia base last night, the AP reports. Authorities say it was an isolated incident, probably triggered by a relationship dispute at the Quantico base, reports NBC News . Two males and a female are dead. The shooter killed his male... More »

North Korea Threatens US Bases in Guam, Japan

They're within 'striking range,' says the North

(Newser) - After the US announced it's flying B-52 bombers over South Korea, the North is issuing its latest warning: US military bases in Guam and Japan are in its "striking range." Said the country's military: "The US should not forget that the Andersen Air Force Base... More »

Iran: We Can Blast US Bases in 'Minutes'

Revolutionary guard says Israel also 'good target'

(Newser) - If Iran were attacked, it could retaliate within minutes, destroying US bases in the Middle East and hammering Israel, too, an official says. A Revolutionary Guard commander told Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency that 35 US bases are "in range of our missiles, and the occupied lands (Israel)... More »

Why We Spend $400 per Gallon of Gas in Afghanistan

Danger to convoys forcing military to rely on pricey airlifts

(Newser) - By the time it reaches remote military bases in Afghanistan, gasoline costs the US military as much per gallon as Dom Perignon champagne, the Wall Street Journal finds. Moving fuel and other supplies by road in Afghanistan has become so dangerous that the Air Force has increased the amount of... More »

Want to Rein in Deficit? Cut Military Funding

With budget problems soaring, it is time to reduce military spending

(Newser) - US military spending has been sacrosanct by both political parties, but with budget pressures mounting, "it's time to bust that taboo," writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Kristof notes that the US military budget is nearly as large as the rest of the world combined, and... More »

Military Bases Won't Get Game With Taliban Players

GameStop won't stock Medal of Honor there

(Newser) - If US soldiers want to face down the Taliban, they'll have to do so in the real world, not a virtual one. Mega-retailer GameStop says it won't stock EA's Medal of Honor at its stores on military bases because it allows gamers to be Taliban fighters. It's "out of... More »

Fort Bragg Probes Sudden Infant Deaths

10 babies have died at base since 2007

(Newser) - Ten babies under the age of eight months have died suddenly in military housing at Fort Bragg since early 2007, and investigators haven't been able to figure out why. Officials don't suspect foul play, but are looking into environmental conditions, structural factors and hazardous materials as possible causes, the Los ... More »

CIA Base Chief Among 7 Killed in Afghan Blast

Suicide bomber may have been invited as potential informant

(Newser) - Among the seven CIA employees and contractors killed in yesterday's suicide bombing in Afghanistan was the agency's chief officer at the post. One former intelligence official called the attack "devastating" to the CIA's operations in the country. "There was some tremendous talent lost," the official tells the... More »

Hero Cop Took Down Shooter in 'Amazing Performance'

Swiftly responding officer shot once as she put 4 in Hasan

(Newser) - Sgt. Kimberly Munley, a civilian police officer, has earned the highest praise for taking down the Fort Hood gunman. She and her partner responded to the scene within 3 minutes, base commander Lt. Gen. Robert Cone reports, and she pumped four bullets into Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, from just a... More »

Taliban Claim Victory as US Quits Base

Insurgents take control of remote outpost where 8 troops were killed last week

(Newser) - The Taliban claimed to have won a major victory over the US yesterday as American troops abandoned a remote base in eastern Afghanistan where eight soldiers were killed in a firefight last weekend. "The white flag of the Taliban is raised above Kamdesh," crowed a Taliban spokesman. NATO ... More »

New Challenge for US in Iraq: Pulling Out

Military faces mammoth task hauling equipment out of Iraq as withdrawal gathers pace

(Newser) - American forces in Iraq have devoted a full sixth of their manpower to a task one commander compares to moving the entire population of Alaska across the world—with all their stuff. The military, in the biggest movement of personnel and material in over 40 years, is dismantling some 300... More »

Palau Is Taking Gitmo Detainees. So What's Palau?

(Newser) - When the island nation of Palau agreed to help President Obama close Gitmo by taking in 13 detainees, few Americans had heard of the tiny country. But the US and Palau share a close bond, NPR reports. “It’s a small island nation, but its status as a sovereign... More »

Colo. Ranchers Battle Army Land Grab

Coloradans balk at plans to expand training base onto vast tract of rangeland

(Newser) - Ranchers in southeast Colorado have fought the US Army to a standstill over plans to expand a training site onto their land, the Wall Street Journal reports. An Army analysis found that the grasslands were ideal for combat training, and recommended the military acquire 7 million acres, but the ranchers... More »

Army Lifts Ban on Social Media

Soldiers can use Twitter, Facebook from bases

(Newser) - The US Army has lifted a years-long ban on online social networks, commanding bases to let soldiers access sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr so they can “tell the Army story,” Wired reports. The change doesn’t apply to all overseas bases or other armed forces, and it... More »

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