Voynich manuscript

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After 600 Years, a Literary Mystery Solved?

Scholar claims Voynich Manuscript was a mere medical manual

(Newser) - Has a British historian finally cracked the code to what has been called the world's most mysterious book? The meaning of the 15th-century Voynich manuscript , decorated with elegant, indecipherable script and odd drawings of plants and naked women, is one of the great puzzles of the literary world. Now... More »

10 Words Deciphered From Mysterious 600-Year-Old Text

Stephen Bax has figured out 14 characters from the Voynich manuscript

(Newser) - What has been called the most mysterious manuscript in the world has at last given up a tiny handful of its secrets. An applied linguistics professor thinks he's deciphered 14 characters from the famous Voynich manuscript, and with them 10 complete words, LiveScience , the BBC , and the Independent report.... More »

100-Year-Old Hoax May Be 600-Year-Old Code

UK researchers find new patterns in mysterious manuscript

(Newser) - Many people believe that the Voynich manuscript—a book found in 1912 written in an unknown language with images of plants and astronomy—is a hoax. Cryptographers, mathematicians, and linguists have been trying to decipher the supposedly 15th-century text found by book dealer Wilfrid Voynich in 1912 for 100 years,... More »

3 Stories