Asiana Airlines Flight 214

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NTSB: Asiana Crew Put Too Much Faith in Auto-Pilot

They didn't realize that automatic throttle was failing, says report

(Newser) - A combination of factors led to last year's crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco, but the one that tops the list of a new report is a straightforward one: "flight crew mismanagement." Federal investigators say the South Korean pilots should have realized that their... More »

San Francisco: Asiana Victim Didn't Buckle Her Seatbelt

City insists rescuers didn't kill Ye Meng Yuan

(Newser) - A girl thrown from a plane that crashed at San Francisco International Airport died before she was twice run over by fire trucks , according to a city-issued report that contradicts a coroner's finding that the teen survived the crash and was killed by the vehicles. Instead, the city said... More »

Rescuer Who Hit Asiana Flier Was Told 'There's a Body'

Video: Emergency workers discussed Asiana victim Ye Meng Yuan

(Newser) - Video obtained this week by CBS News and released for the first time shows that Ye Meng Yuan, the 16-year-old who survived the Asiana Airlines crash landing in San Francisco only to be run over and killed by a fire truck, was in fact spotted by rescuers before she was... More »

Family of Girl Run Over After Plane Crash Sues

It accuses SF firefighters of recklessness

(Newser) - The parents of a teenage girl run over and killed by two emergency vehicles after an Asiana Airlines crash have filed a claim against the city of San Francisco, saying rescuers were reckless and poorly trained. Attorneys for the parents of 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan say firefighters who first saw... More »

Asiana Victim Was Left to Fend for Herself: Attorney

Lawyer claims Ye Meng Yuan was 'not properly cared for'

(Newser) - The fallout from the Asiana plane crash continues, as authorities and lawyers investigate who—if anyone—is to blame for the death of Ye Meng Yuan, the 16-year-old who was likely killed after being run over by a fire truck, rather than the crash itself. The law firm representing the... More »

Asiana Victim Killed by Vehicle, Not Crash

Coroner confirms she was alive when run over

(Newser) - A California coroner has confirmed the wrenching truth: One of the teen victims of the Asiana Airlines crash was killed not by the crash but by an emergency vehicle. The San Mateo coroner concluded that 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan of China was alive when she was run over by the... More »

Here Come the Asiana Airlines Lawsuits

As passengers sue, airline drops own plans to sue TV station

(Newser) - A pair of passengers are launching what appears to be the first lawsuit against Asiana Airlines after the crash of its Flight 214. In a strongly worded complaint, the plaintiffs cite "extreme and catastrophic injuries and emotional distress" resulting from the flight crew's "woeful violation of numerous... More »

Korean Pilots Rely on Autopilot: Aviators

They're not trained much on manual flying, pilots say

(Newser) - A potentially telling revelation in the wake of the Asiana Airlines crash landing at the San Francisco airport: Asiana pilots have little training on manual flying and visual approaches, according to three pilots Bloomberg spoke to who have either flown for Asiana or helped train Korean crews. One of the... More »

Airline Might Sue TV Station Over Prank Names

Asiana considers legal action against NTSB, too

(Newser) - Asiana Airlines might someday be defending itself in court in the wake of the fatal San Francisco crash, but its lawyers are playing offense, too. The airline says it might sue KTVU after the TV station got pranked and aired fake pilot names that were actually crude racial jokes such... More »

Child Becomes 3rd Dead in SF Plane Crash

Age, identity not disclosed

(Newser) - The death toll in the San Francisco plane crash has risen to three, with another passenger dying due to injuries in San Francisco General Hospital today, the AP reports. The hospital's chief of surgery says the victim was a female child, but her identity and age have been withheld... More »

SF Crash Victim Was Run Over by Fire Truck

Cops confirm it happened—but it may not have been what killed her

(Newser) - Police have confirmed previous reports that one of the two teenage girls killed in the San Francisco plane crash was indeed run over by a fire truck. But it's still unclear whether that's what actually killed 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. "The passenger... More »

NTSB: Asiana Crash Looking Like Pilot Error

Top concern is slow speed during descent; still no sign of mechanical failure

(Newser) - The continuing investigation into the crash of an Asiana Airlines plane still hasn't spotted any mechanical trouble—meaning it's likely that pilot mistakes were to blame for the disaster, Sky News reports. National Transportation Safety Board chair Deborah Hersman offered new information about investigators' findings, with concern centered... More »

Asiana Pilot: Light Blinded Me at 500 Feet

Investigators unsure of its source

(Newser) - Clues to what may have caused the Asiana Airlines crash this weekend continue to emerge . The latest: The plane's pilot said that while flying at 500 feet, he was blinded by light, investigators say. "It was a temporary issue," says National Transportation Safety Board chair Deborah Hersman,... More »

Get Humans Out of the Cockpit

Holman Jenkins thinks transportation ought to be automated

(Newser) - When a highly automated train crashed into a Quebec town last weekend, its conductor was not on board . Which raises a few questions, writes Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal . Why couldn't the train tell headquarters it had taken off? Why couldn't headquarters stop it from afar?... More »

2 Flight Attendants Were Thrown From Plane, Survived

Crew says it was relying on automated cockpit equipment for speed

(Newser) - An amazing detail emerged today from the NTSB about the Asiana Airlines crash over the weekend: Two female flight attendants working in the rear of the plane weren't in their seats when it slammed into a seawall, and both were ejected upon impact, reports NBC News . "They were... More »

You Are Not Going to Die In a Plane Crash, Period

San Francisco crash only underscores how rare airline fatalities are

(Newser) - Statistically speaking, you are not going to die in a plane crash. "People are understandably troubled by the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214," management science and statistics professor Arnold Barnett writes at CNN , and it is tragic that two teens died. But "it is remarkable that... More »

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