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Survey: Most Calif. Disney Workers Can't Afford Living Expenses

73% of Disneyland workers don't make enough to cover rent, food; Disney calls survey 'inaccurate'

(Newser) - Disneyland may be deemed the "Happiest Place on Earth," but that joy apparently dissipates for the majority of employees when they leave the park and have to come up with rent in the real world. The Los Angeles Times points out that even though the Walt Disney Co.... More »

Raise the Minimum Wage? No, Let's Scrap It

John Aziz argues for a basic income policy instead

(Newser) - The idea of raising the minimum wage is a popular one , but not a very good one, writes John Aziz for The Week . His idea? Abolish the minimum wage, and replace it with a "basic income policy." There are two types: Either the government pays anyone whose income... More »

Fast Food Strikes Return as Wage Debate Looms

Obama speaks up in favor of minimum wage hike

(Newser) - Fast food workers in 100 cities will walk off the job today, and protesters will show up in 100 more to call for drastically higher wages for the nation's lowest-paid workers. The movement started with a small strike in New York City last year, and has ballooned since, with... More »

Walmart Workers Planning Massive Strike

It's expected to be the largest protest since Black Friday

(Newser) - Thousands of Walmart employees are gearing up for a massive strike tomorrow. Last week, fast food workers walked out on their jobs—demanding $15 an hour. Walmart employees are seeking similar wages. Newsy reports: More »

Fast-Food Workers to Strike for One Day: Today

Workers clamoring for living wage

(Newser) - You could have a tough time getting a Whopper or Big Mac today—assuming you live in Detroit; New York; Milwaukee; Chicago; St. Louis; Flint, Mich.; or Kansas City, Mo. Fast-food workers in those cities are planning to walk today, in a single-day strike that has worker pay in its... More »

Should DC's Mayor Veto 'Living Wage' Bill?

Here's a yes, a no, and something in the middle

(Newser) - Now that the DC Council has required Walmart and other big-box retailers who want to do business in the city to pay a "living wage" of $12.50 an hour, Mayor Vincent Gray has to decide whether to veto the measure. Walmart is threatening to pull the plug on... More »

DC Shrugs at Walmart Ultimatum, OKs Living Wage

Members' not awed by company's threat to abandon city

(Newser) - Walmart's threats to take its toys and go home if Washington, DC, passed a "living wage" bill appear to have met with one big shrug from city council. The body voted 8-5 yesterday to approve the bill—which jacks minimum wage to $12.50 an hour for retailers... More »

Walmart to DC: We'll Jump Ship Over 'Living Wage'

Mayor says ultimatum may make him veto bill

(Newser) - Walmart officials and lobbyists made their presence felt in Washington yesterday, telling DC lawmakers that they'd pull the plug on at least three planned stores in the city if it went through with plans to pass a drastic (but conditional) minimum wage hike, the Washington Post reports. The bill,... More »

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