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Bell Returned to University After 98 Years Is Blowing Minds

The bell is back at Colorado State University

(Newser) - A nearly 500-pound bell has been returned to Colorado State University after being stolen a century ago. And it's got quite the tale to tell. "The story of the bell really blew our minds," the president of Associated Students of CSU tells the Denver Post . The university... More »

NOAA Predicts Average Hurricane Season

(Newser) - The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts the 2009 hurricane season will see nine to 14 tropical storms, of which four to seven will develop into full-fledged hurricanes, the Tampa Tribune reports. As many as three could become Category 3 storms, with winds above 111 mph. The prediction jibes with... More »

'09 Will Be Relatively Light on Hurricanes: Forecaster

(Newser) - The star forecasters at Colorado State University are revising their predictions for the 2009 hurricane season down due to cooler ocean temperatures, Reuters reports. Between June and December, the Atlantic will see 12 tropical storms, six of which may develop into hurricanes. Two of those hurricanes could blow harder than... More »

Hurricane Forecast Gathers Strength

Early start to season could mean more and stronger storms

(Newser) - The 2008 hurricane season could be more intense than originally predicted, forecasters warned yesterday. July saw the earliest hurricane to ever form so far east in the Atlantic, prompting experts to up their season estimates from 15 to 17 named storms and from seven hurricanes to nine. Five of the... More »

Look for Stormy Weather

Despite slow start, hurricane season expected to be busy

(Newser) - Heavy storms are on the way, weather forecasters warn, despite a typically quiet beginning to the hurricane season. In fact, the government's top forecasting agency predicts an above-average number of storms this year—13 to 17, with 3 to 5 becoming intense hurricanes, Reuters reports. More »

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