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Star Economist Doesn't Want France's Top Honor

Piketty says government should focus on fixing economy

(Newser) - The French economist whose 685-page Capital in the Twenty-First Century became a surprise 2014 bestseller has rejected the country's top honor, saying the government should concentrate on fixing the economy instead of giving out awards. "I refuse this nomination because I do not think it is the government'... More »

Newspaper: Best-Seller on Economics Has Bad Math

'Financial Times' calls Thomas Piketty's blockbuster into question

(Newser) - Thomas Piketty managed to pull off the rare feat of writing a lengthy best-seller about global economics, but now the Financial Times is calling into question the validity of Capital in the 21st Century in a very basic way: "The rock-star French economist appears to have got his sums... More »

Obama's Pick for Economic Adviser: Alan Krueger

Labor economist, Princeton prof worked in Treasury Department

(Newser) - President Obama is set to nominate Princeton labor economist Alan Krueger as his top economic adviser. Krueger, who helped lead the Treasury Department through Obama’s first two years in office, would become the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers. In the position, he’d likely urge government action... More »

Economist: GOP Cuts Would Kill 700K Jobs

House's budget would cut GDP growth by 0.5% in 2012

(Newser) - The spending cuts in the Republicans’ budget proposal would cost the country up to 700,000 jobs and hurt the country’s economic growth, according to Moody’s chief economist. Mark Zandi estimates that the proposed budget would reduce GDP growth by 0.5% in 2011 and another 0.2%... More »

Economists Are Rediscovering Humility —and Humanity

Field should be seen as an art, not a science

(Newser) - The failure of economists to spot the financial crisis in advance is causing soul-searching that will redefine the whole field, writes David Brooks. The cutting-edge models economists built over decades ignored the complexities of human nature and economists are now rediscovering the humility of an earlier time and trying to... More »

Dr. Doom Fears a Double Dip Recession

Roubini thinks macro data contradict cheery recovery theories

(Newser) - There’s a debate raging over whether the US will recover quickly or undergo a painful double-dip recession . Guess which side eternal pessimist Nouriel Roubini is on? Dr. Doom doesn’t like the macroeconomic numbers he’s seeing. The horrendous consumer confidence, housing and employment numbers “actually suggest a... More »

Gay Marriage Worth Millions to California: Economist

Wedding spending, lower health costs help city, he says at trial

(Newser) - The Proposition 8 trial took a break from intangibles like constitutional rights and discrimination yesterday to focus on cold, hard economic facts: Gay marriage is a moneymaker, argued San Francisco’s top economist. Because married people are on average healthier and wealthier than singles, legalizing gay marriage would reduce health... More »

Legendary Economist Paul Samuelson Dead at 94

Nobel laureate write classic intro text for 'dismal science'

(Newser) - Paul A. Samuelson, the first American Nobel laureate in economics and a familiar name to generations of college students, died today at his home outside Boston. He was 94. Ben Bernanke praised his former MIT professor as "a titan of economics," and a colleague said of their fellow... More »

Fed Has Field of Economics in Its Pocket

Central bank keeps vast number of thinkers on the payroll

(Newser) - The Federal Reserve has essentially bought out the economics profession, writes Ryan Grim in a Huffington Post investigation. The Fed employs or contracts with so many economists that it's a "career liability" for any independent-minded one to criticize policy, writes Grim. This might explain why the Fed has largely... More »

Krugman Spat With Professor Explodes Online

Sniping turns to race when Ferguson calls Obama Felix the Cat

(Newser) - Niall Ferguson picked the wrong Nobel-winning economist to mess with. The Scottish historian, who teaches at Harvard, has been caught up in a high-profile academic feud with New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who has called him a "poseur" and a "whiner" in recent blog posts. Ferguson hit... More »

Times Cans Stein Over Credit Report Ads

(Newser) - Ben Stein has been booted from his job as a New York Times columnist for shilling for an online credit report service, Gawker reports. Stein touts the value of in television commercials, but the Times’ ethics policy states “it is an inherent conflict for a journalist to... More »

Economy Is on an Upswing, Says Dr. Doom

Roubini predicts end to recession, sends markets jumping

(Newser) - The financial crisis is over and the worst of the recession is behind us, writes Nouriel Roubini, the extremely pessimistic economist who was among the few who predicted the scale of the downturn. "The light at the end of the tunnel is for once not an incoming train,"... More »

'F@$%! I Wish I'd Refinanced My House'

With mortgage rates rising, homeowners regret not acting sooner

(Newser) - Many homeowners are kicking themselves for not refinancing sooner now that mortgage rates are climbing, ABC News reports. “I was going to save $325 a month, and that covers all kind of things, from gas to groceries,” lamented one. “$325 is a lot of money.” And... More »

Recession Will End Next Quarter: Economists

(Newser) - If economists are right, the worst is over for the US economy. In a survey released today by the National Association for Business Economics, 74% of economists said the recession would end in the third quarter. But the coming recovery won’t be a strong one, they warned. Job losses... More »

Wanted: Female Bloggers Not Afraid of Math

Feminists focus on fluffy recession news, hurt women's cause

(Newser) - What movies do broke people watch? How do lipstick sales reflect a limping economy? A review of women's blogs shows a dangerous emphasis on "recession lite," writes Linda Hirshman for DoubleX. What women need is someone willing to do the math and go to bat against the men... More »

Recession Could End in 3rd Quarter: Economists

(Newser) - Our long national nightmare could soon be over: Top economic forecasters expect the recession to end by the second half of this year, Reuters reports. In a new survey, experts predict the GDP will shrink by 2.8% this year but edge up 1.9% in 2010. Even so, economists... More »

Krugman Emerges as 'Voice of Loyal Opposition'

Newsweek sees lefty economist as top critic

(Newser) - Monday’s issue of Newsweek will have a pretty striking cover story. The headline “OBAMA IS WRONG: The Loyal Opposition of Paul Krugman,” will be plastered over a close-up of the Nobel Prize-winning economist, reports Politico. "Every once in a while," writes Newsweek editor Jon Meacham,... More »

Economists Rate Obama, Geithner: 'F'

Obama, Geithner score poorly in survey; Bernanke does better

(Newser) - Barack Obama retains high approval ratings with the public, but a panel of economists had a far more negative view, reports the Wall Street Journal. A majority of 49 economists polled said they were dissatisfied with the president's economic policies. Asked to score his tenure out of 100, economists gave... More »

Pelosi Says Another Stimulus Is Possible

(Newser) - These days, $787 billion just doesn't go as far as it used to. A meeting of House Democratic leaders and their economic advisers today has raised the prospect of a second stimulus package, the Hill reports. “We have to keep the door open,” Nancy Pelosi said after the... More »

We May Need a Bigger Stimulus, Say Analysts

(Newser) - The lousy unemployment numbers released this week—and they're bound to get worse before they get better—cast the effectiveness of the Obama administration’s fiscal plans into doubt, analysts say. The stimulus package intended to “save or create” 3.5 million jobs now has to keep up with... More »

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