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WV Mom Dies While Getting 'Brazilian Butt Lift'

Heather Meadows, 29, traveled to Miami area for the procedure

(Newser) - A West Virginia mom who traveled to Florida to undergo cosmetic surgery died Thursday after police say she suffered medical complications during the procedure, WSVN reports. Heather Meadows, 29, who has a 6-year-old and a newborn, was rushed to a Hialeah ER from Encore Plastic Surgery and pronounced dead after... More »

Florida Gunman Ranted About Witchcraft

He called 911 hours before he killed 6 people

(Newser) - The motive for Pedro Vargas' murder of six people is still unclear, but a newly released 911 call gives some insight into his mind before the South Florida shooting spree . In the call, made several hours before the rampage, the 42-year-old complained that he was followed and somebody was casting... More »

Cops ID Florida Gunman Who Killed 6

42-Year-Old Pedro Vargas

(Newser) - Police have identified the now-dead gunman they say was behind the death of six people in a South Florida shooting spree as Pedro Vargas, 42, reports NBC Miami . At a press conference today, authorities also named five of the six victims: Italo Pisciotti, 79, Camira Pisciotti, 69, Carlos Javier Gavilanes,... More »

Florida Shooting Spree Began With Tenant Dispute

Gunman shot husband-and-wife managers first

(Newser) - A few more details are filling in on the shooting at a Florida apartment complex that left seven people dead , including the gunman. It began about 6:30pm yesterday in Hialeah when the building's husband-and-wife managers went to talk to a tenant about a complaint against him, reports the... More »

City With Worst Drivers Is...

Miami, according to Slate analysis

(Newser) - Everyone complains about their fellow drivers, but which city in the US truly has the worst ones? Miami, by a mile, according to an analysis in Slate that rounds up metrics including accidents, fatalities, drunk driving, and pedestrian strikes. The worst offenders:
  1. Miami: "Not even close," writes Brian
... More »

Florida Gunman Kills 6 at Apartment Complex

Police kill him in shootout near Miami

(Newser) - A gunman holding hostages inside a South Florida apartment complex killed six people before being shot to death by a SWAT team that stormed the building early today following an hours-long standoff, police said. Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez says police got a call around 6:30pm yesterday that shots had been... More »

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