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Texas Cities Are Top in Uninsured Residents

Cities in California have lowest rates of uninsured

(Newser) - Seven of the 10 US cities with the lowest rates of uninsured Americans are in California. On the flip side, eight of the 10 cities with the highest rates of uninsured residents are in Texas. That's according to WalletHub , which reviewed the overall insurance rates in 547 US cities... More »

WV Mom Dies While Getting 'Brazilian Butt Lift'

Heather Meadows, 29, traveled to Miami area for the procedure

(Newser) - A West Virginia mom who traveled to Florida to undergo cosmetic surgery died Thursday after police say she suffered medical complications during the procedure, WSVN reports. Heather Meadows, 29, who has a 6-year-old and a newborn, was rushed to a Hialeah ER from Encore Plastic Surgery and pronounced dead after... More »

Florida Gunman Ranted About Witchcraft

He called 911 hours before he killed 6 people

(Newser) - The motive for Pedro Vargas' murder of six people is still unclear, but a newly released 911 call gives some insight into his mind before the South Florida shooting spree . In the call, made several hours before the rampage, the 42-year-old complained that he was followed and somebody was casting... More »

Cops ID Florida Gunman Who Killed 6

42-Year-Old Pedro Vargas

(Newser) - Police have identified the now-dead gunman they say was behind the death of six people in a South Florida shooting spree as Pedro Vargas, 42, reports NBC Miami . At a press conference today, authorities also named five of the six victims: Italo Pisciotti, 79, Camira Pisciotti, 69, Carlos Javier Gavilanes,... More »

Florida Shooting Spree Began With Tenant Dispute

Gunman shot husband-and-wife managers first

(Newser) - A few more details are filling in on the shooting at a Florida apartment complex that left seven people dead , including the gunman. It began about 6:30pm yesterday in Hialeah when the building's husband-and-wife managers went to talk to a tenant about a complaint against him, reports the... More »

City With Worst Drivers Is...

Miami, according to Slate analysis

(Newser) - Everyone complains about their fellow drivers, but which city in the US truly has the worst ones? Miami, by a mile, according to an analysis in Slate that rounds up metrics including accidents, fatalities, drunk driving, and pedestrian strikes. The worst offenders:
  1. Miami: "Not even close," writes Brian
... More »

Florida Gunman Kills 6 at Apartment Complex

Police kill him in shootout near Miami

(Newser) - A gunman holding hostages inside a South Florida apartment complex killed six people before being shot to death by a SWAT team that stormed the building early today following an hours-long standoff, police said. Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez says police got a call around 6:30pm yesterday that shots had been... More »

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