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C-SPAN Suddenly Switches to Russian Network

Network says they probably weren't hacked

(Newser) - C-SPAN says it's looking into a weird incident Thursday afternoon, when live coverage of Congress was replaced by the Kremlin-funded news channel Russia Today. The bizarre switcheroo happened around 2:30pm when Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters was speaking about the SEC and had mentioned Donald Trump and Russia repeatedly,... More »

Trump Slammed for Talk With Russia-Funded Network

He discussed media, Moscow interference on RT

(Newser) - Donald Trump didn't do much to distance himself from the Kremlin Thursday night with an interview aired on the Russia-funded RT America network. The candidate told host Larry King that it was "probably unlikely" that Moscow is interfering in US elections and that claims that it is are... More »

Russian Pol Tells Aides to 'Violently Rape' Journalist

Vladimir Zhirinovsky faces legal action, ethics investigation

(Newser) - A longtime Russian politician is facing sanctions after a pretty staggering outburst against a pregnant journalist. In an exchange caught by cameras, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, told aides to "violently rape" Russia Today reporter Stella Dubovitskaya. After Dubovitskaya asked about a ban on Russian... More »

Russia Today Anchor Quits Live on Air

American Liz Wahl criticizes Putin's 'whitewashes'

(Newser) - The standoff in Ukraine is translating into drama at the Kremlin-funded Russia Today TV network. American anchor Liz Wahl announced during a live broadcast from DC today that she was quitting, reports the Daily Beast . Wahl, who recounted how her own grandparents had fled Hungary to escape Soviet persecution, said... More »

Gay Reporter Stuns Kremlin-Funded Network

He dons rainbow suspenders, blasts anti-gay laws

(Newser) - An American reporter brought onto the state-funded Russia Today network to discuss Bradley Manning decided the chance to blast Russia's repressive anti-gay laws was too good to pass up. As cameras rolled, James Kirchick donned rainbow suspenders and said, "Being here on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network, I’m... More »

5 Stories