Chelsea Manning

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Chelsea Manning Writes Open Letter to Fellow Prisoners

Says they kept her alive and will never be forgotten

(Newser) - In what Jezebel calls "one of the clearest looks we’ve gotten at [Chelsea] Manning’s life inside ... prison," Manning has penned an open letter, published in the Guardian , to the fellow prisoners "who have kept me alive for the past six years." Manning, whose sentence... More »

Trump Slams 'Traitor' Manning, Draws WikiLeaks' Wrath

It's a Twitter battle royale for your Thursday

(Newser) - Among the things in Donald Trump's sights Thursday morning: Chelsea Manning. Manning, whose sentence was commuted by President Obama before he left office, wrote a Guardian column published Thursday in which she argues that Obama did not leave behind many "permanent accomplishments." That column was widely discussed... More »

Assange: On Second Thought, Extradition a No-Go

Assange's lawyer says WikiLeaks founder wanted full clemency for Chelsea Manning

(Newser) - On second thought, Julian Assange won't be traveling to the US after all. Back in September, the WikiLeaks founder had said he would agree to extradition to the US if Chelsea Manning was pardoned, the Hill reports. Well, on Tuesday President Obama commuted the majority of Manning's 35-year... More »

Obama Commutes Most of Chelsea Manning's Sentence

The notorious leaker of Army documents will be freed in May

(Newser) - Former US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who made WikiLeaks a household name in 2010, will be released from prison in May after President Obama commuted her sentence Tuesday, the New York Times reports. Manning leaked classified military documents that revealed, among other things, the Iraqi military abusing detainees and... More »

Inside Manning's Life in Prison

'Being me is a full-time job'

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning is holding out hope that President Obama will commute her 35-year sentence for leaking government secrets in his final days in office. While that decision awaits, the New York Times provides a look at Manning's life inside a men's military prison in Kansas. It begins at... More »

On Obama's Commutation Shortlist: Chelsea Manning

Decision could come as soon as Wednesday: source

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning might just get her wish . The whistleblower, six years into a 35-year sentence in military prison for leaking classified documents, has made President Obama's "shortlist" for commutation, a Justice Department official tells NBC News . The outlet says a decision could come as soon as Wednesday. "... More »

Chelsea Manning Petition Hits White House Threshold

Administration has 60 days to respond

(Newser) - A petition urging President Obama to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence to time served has passed the 100,000-signature threshold that may require an official response from the White House—though Obama is only going to be there for another 38 days. "We did it! Thank you so much... More »

Chelsea Manning Asks Obama for Mercy

WikiLeaks says he should free her before Trump does

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning isn't going to wait and see whether WikiLeaks tries to call in a favor when Donald Trump becomes president. She has asked President Obama to reduce her sentence for leaking classified files from 35 years to the more than six she has already spent behind bars, reports... More »

Lawyer: Chelsea Manning Made 2nd Suicide Attempt

Inmate said she experienced bizarre episode in solitary

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning tried to kill herself on the first day of a term in solitary confinement imposed as punishment for an earlier suicide attempt , her lawyers say. In a statement provided to the New York Times , the transgender soldier says she was placed on suicide watch after the Oct. 4... More »

Chelsea Manning Punished for Suicide Attempt

She was found guilty of 'conduct which threatens'

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning's suicide attempt in July has been deemed "conduct which threatens" and the military is punishing her for it. A lawyer says Manning, who was also found guilty of having banned book Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy in her cell at Fort Leavenworth military prison, was sentenced to... More »

Assange Offers to Trade Himself for Chelsea Manning

He says he'll surrender if Obama frees her

(Newser) - Julian Assange says he's willing to leave the Ecuadorean Embassy in London for an American prison cell—as long as President Obama frees Chelsea Manning first. "If Obama grants Manning clemency, Assange will agree to US prison in exchange—despite its clear unlawfulness," WikiLeaks tweeted on Thursday,... More »

Chelsea Manning Ends Hunger Strike

After Army approves medical treatment for gender dysphoria

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning, the transgender soldier imprisoned in Kansas for leaking classified information to WikiLeaks, says she is ending a hunger strike because the Army has agreed to allow her to get medical treatment for her gender dysphoria, the AP reports. Manning began a hunger strike Friday to protest her treatment... More »

Chelsea Manning Goes on Hunger Strike

She's protesting lack of treatment for gender dysphora

(Newser) - Two months after an unsuccessful suicide attempt , Chelsea Manning is again pleading for help, reports NBC News , this time in the form of a hunger strike she began at the all-male prison at Fort Leavenworth on Saturday. "I need help. I am not getting any. I have asked for... More »

Chelsea Manning on Prison, 'Terrifying' Power of Government

'It is very terrifying to face the government alone'

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning, currently three years into a 35-year prison sentence for passing information to WikiLeaks, gave an interview to Amnesty International in which she discusses the power of the government, her life in a military prison, and more. The Guardian has an exclusive excerpt from that interview, which will later... More »

Manning Could Be Punished in Wake of Suicide Attempt

'It is unconscionable,' says ACLU rep

(Newser) - Once punished over old toothpaste , Chelsea Manning could spend the next three decades in solitary confinement following her suicide attempt earlier this month. According to the American Civil Liberties Union , Manning has been informed she is under investigation for allegedly "resisting the force cell move team," "prohibited... More »

Chelsea Manning Tweets After Suicide Attempt

'I'm glad to be alive'

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning's attorneys confirmed Monday that she had indeed tried to commit suicide last week, but Manning herself sent a message out Monday night to reassure those worried about her, CNN reports. "I am okay. I'm glad to be alive. Thank you all for your love, I... More »

Attorneys: Yes, Chelsea Manning Attempted Suicide

She's now under close supervision

(Newser) - Attorneys for the transgender soldier imprisoned for sending classified information to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks are confirming that her hospitalization last week was due to an attempted suicide, the AP reports. Chelsea Manning's attorneys didn't disclose in an emailed statement Monday the details of the attempt, which happened... More »

Chelsea Manning Lawyers Livid After She's Hospitalized

They say Army is refusing to let them talk with her

(Newser) - The Army is confirming that Chelsea Manning had to be hospitalized early Tuesday, but it won't divulge details about why or allow her lawyers to speak with her. Both TMZ and CNN have reported that the 28-year-old tried to commit suicide, apparently by hanging, in her cell at Fort... More »

Chelsea Manning Punished for Old Toothpaste

She's banned from gym, library for 21 days

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning has been banned from going outside or using the Fort Leavenworth prison library for 21 days after being found guilty of prison infractions including having an expired tube of toothpaste and the Caitlyn Jenner issue of Vanity Fair. The punishment is minor compared to the indefinite solitary confinement... More »

Manning May Be Punished Over Expired Toothpaste

Lawyer says it 'looks like harassment'

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning could be placed in solitary confinement indefinitely for allegedly violating prison rules by having a copy of Vanity Fair with Caitlyn Jenner on the cover and an expired tube of toothpaste, among other things, her lawyer says. Attorney Nancy Hollander says an Aug. 18 hearing is set at... More »

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