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Are NYC Candidates Finally Done 'Scaring White People'?

Alex Pareene hopes that's what Bill de Blasio's decisive win means

(Newser) - One surefire way to win an election in New York City: Scare the white population, which is almost big enough on its own to score a victory. Rudy Giuliani was the best at this, and it's also how Michael Bloomberg won, Alex Pareene writes at Salon . But with Bill... More »

Landslide: Liberal De Blasio Wins in NYC

He will be city's first Democratic mayor in a generation

(Newser) - The New York City mayor's race wrapped up with little suspense tonight: As expected, Bill de Blasio will replace Michael Bloomberg and become the city's first Democratic mayor in two decades, reports the New York Times . It called the race based on exit interviews as the polls closed... More »

De Blasio Wins NYC Primary; Runoff Unclear

Recount looms as Thompson refuses to concede

(Newser) - As expected, Bill de Blasio will easily finish first in New York City's Democratic primary for mayor, reports the AP . What's unclear is whether he will get the necessary 40% to avoid a runoff with the second-place finisher. With 97% of returns in, de Blasio had 40.02%,... More »

NYC Mayoral Candidates Debate: Should Trains Run Over Kittens?

Joe Lhota says yes, Weiner says he would rescue them himself

(Newser) - Two New York subway lines were shut down for several hours this week because of a couple of kittens on the track . So New York magazine asks the city's prospective mayoral candidates the tough question: Should the trains have just run over them? Republican Joe Lhota (notably, the city'... More »

4 Stories