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We Need to Sell Young People on War

Stephen Rosen sees a generation gap on national security issues

(Newser) - Americans in their 50s and 60s largely understand the positive power of the US military. They saw a military buildup end the Cold War, and witnessed successful interventions in Serbia and Iraq in the 90s, Harvard professor Stephen Peter Rosen—a member of that generation—writes in the Wall Street ... More »

US to Fly Troops Into Central African Republic

American planes will transport Euro, African peacekeepers

(Newser) - Now the US is getting involved: Washington has agreed to fly European and African peacekeepers into the Central African Republic to help quell the bloody strife between various Muslim and Christian groups and other rebel militias, CNN reports. US military aircraft will fly troops—including a few French ones—from... More »

US, Russia Strike Deal on Syria

Inspectors will see chemical stockpiles by November

(Newser) - They've got a deal on Syria: John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have agreed on the broad strokes of a plan designed to culminate in the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons, reports Reuters . Under the deal, Bashar al-Assad will turn over a list of his chemical... More »

US Won't Demand Use of Force in UN Resolution

But White House will keep open possibility of strike on its own

(Newser) - The New York Times reports that the White House is bowing to reality: Because Russia will never agree to any UN resolution that calls for the possibility of military action against Syria, the US won't insist on such a clause. (The Russians already have balked at a draft proposal... More »

Obama: We'll Give Russian Plan a Chance

But president wants military to remain ready if diplomacy doesn't work in Syria

(Newser) - President Obama capped a busy day of Syria developments with his personal pitch to the nation tonight: He's willing to pursue Russia's plan for a diplomatic resolution, but he insists that the US should remain ready to use military force "if diplomacy fails," reports CNN . Obama... More »

EU: Assad Is Likely Guilty, But Wait for UN Report

Representative calls chemical attack a 'war crime'

(Newser) - The European Union officially weighed in on Syria today, and Reuters uses a very common phrase of late to describe its statement: "carefully worded." It says that, yes, a chemical weapons attack occurred, and yes, all the available information "seems to indicate strong evidence that the Syrian... More »

Obama: This Is 'Not Another Iraq or Afghanistan'

Presses case against Syria in weekly address

(Newser) - President Obama didn't exactly return from the G20 summit with a ringing international endorsement to take action against Syria, but he continued making his case before his own nation this morning via his weekly radio address. Obama hit familiar themes, ones he will surely revisit in his speech to... More »

Syria Vote Unites Far Left, Far Right

In House, liberals join libertarians in opposition

(Newser) - When President Obama addresses the nation on Tuesday about Syria, he'll no doubt be hoping to sway members of Congress, too. Just how tricky that will be is made clear by the Washington Post , which reports that opposition to any such military strike has managed the rare feat of... More »

2 Opposing Views on Syria From the Right

Bill Kristol is a yes, Peggy Noonan a no

(Newser) - As the ongoing debate in Congress makes clear, the decision on whether to strike Syria isn't the usual bipartisan one. Here are two voices on the right who come to very different conclusions:
  • Peggy Noonan, opposed: What's the strategy again? "A small, limited strike will look merely
... More »

McCain: Rejecting Syria Strike Would be 'Catastrophic'

Expresses cautious support for Obama's plan

(Newser) - President Obama got some conditional support for military intervention in Syria today from two key Republican foreign policy hawks: John McCain and Lindsey Graham. The pair met with Obama yesterday to express their concerns that US military action that was too limited, and would do little to change the course... More »

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